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Remember those little television “mini-commercials,” “The More You Know,” where celebrities imparted useful snippets on a variety of timely subjects? Well, Dr. Nima feels that “The More You Know” about facial enhancements and procedures, the better the collaboration with you on your personalized Eos Rejuvenation plan. Dr. Nima truly loves educating his patients and is always excited to share information about the newest developments in his field. Come back often to check out the newest postings on Dr. Nima’s Blog.

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How to Change a Wide and Flat Nose to Something that Looks More Refined

A nose with a low bridge can appear wide and flat from the front. We have various surgical maneuvers to narrow a nose. The first is to build up the bridge, which looks more anatomical, and proportionate, as well as more narrow from the front view. Some patients need their nostrils narrowed. Narrowing the nostrils

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