1) APPLY SUNSCREEN 30 MINUTES BEFORE HEADING OUTSIDE. So many people slap on sunscreen once they get to the beach, or right before running out the door. Remember, it takes 30 minutes for sunscreen to absorb and activate.

2) WEAR SPF 30 MINIMUM. SPF 30 blocks 97% of the sun’s rays, and SPF 50 only blocks 1% more. So, for 1% more protection, you are getting a more expensive product and a lot more chemicals. The FDA is considering banning any SPF higher than 50, because there is no evidence showing that it protects any more than SPF 30.

3) REAPPLY SUNSCREEN EVERY 120 MINUTES. UV light and the oils in the pores of your skin break down SPF, so reapplying is critical for protection. TIP: Blot the shine from your face with a tissue or blotting papers (btw, toilet seat covers work fabulous as blotting papers) and then dust a mineral powder containing SPF. Not only does this count as reapplying, but you have now just freshened up your makeup.

4) APPLY SUNSCREEN GENEROUSLY. If you apply SPF 30 thirty minutes before heading outside, reapply every 120 minutes, and still come home with a tan, or even worse, a sun burn, you didn’t apply enough product. TIP: The amount of SPF needed to cover the body of an average person who is active outside (ex: playing tennis) is 1 oz. or a shot glass full. For the face, a teaspoon amount is adequate.

5) APPLY SUNSCREEN RAIN AND SHINE, INDOORS AND OUTDOORS. UV rays are actually stronger on a cloudy day than a sunny day. Also, fine lines and wrinkles are also caused by photo-aging, or aging caused by lights or even the light being transmitted off the computer screen. TIP: Tint your car windows. UVA rays, or the “aging” rays, are the only rays that penetrate glass.

Remember, People, it’s All in the details. 😉