Female Torso of Round Buttocks And Small Waist Wearing White ThongRecently we have had many patients come in describing a problem that they have had. They want to feel sexier, have more curves, and no matter how many squats they do at the gym, or how much weight they lose, they still feel like their butt is not a nice shape. Many of these patients are afraid to undergo surgery, which includes pretty significant liposuction and then fat transfer to the buttock area. This usually attains a nice result, but there is a significant amount of down time as well as postoperative care, meaning you cannot sit on your butt for over two weeks. Patients simply just don’t have the time for the procedure and do not want to deal with any complications that can occur. Complications that are relatively common are asymmetries between each side, infections or collections of fluids.

Also, there is another subset of patients who simply do not have enough fat. It is a very common problem in Southern Californians with an active lifestyle as well as dietary restrictions. The only surgical option for those patients is usually a silicone implant that goes in the buttock. The problem with these implants is that they do not feel real, they feel hard and they leave a visible scarring in the buttock area, which can make the patient not feel sexy.

With these two problems in mind, we offer a nonsurgical buttock augmentation using dermal fillers. In the past, or in the news, there have been dangerous materials injected into the buttocks including liquid silicone as well as varieties of Superglue type materials and even caulk, which patients get from the hardware store. These lead to disastrous complications including even death.

At EOS Rejuvenation, we use a safe dermal filler that is usually used for the face called Sculptra, which acts as a fertilizer for your collagen. We usually inject the material as it is diluted with water into the buttock area for a very nice result. What ends up happening is that because the material is reconstituted with water, you see immediate results when we are finished. The next day the water gets resorbed and the active material is spread out evenly in the buttock. Over the next 4-6 weeks, it slowly grows over time with your own body’s natural collagen. The results we have seen are fantastic including lifting of the buttock as well as a more natural and proportional shape. The feel of the material is also nice and firm to indicate a youthful buttock. Typically patients may need two to three treatment sessions, depending on how much augmentation they want. Results can last anywhere from two to five years. Best of all, there is no postoperative care. Just sitting on it helps redistribute the Sculptra so you avoid any irregularities.

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