What Are The Bumps On The Side Of My Nose After A Rhinoplasty?

When the nasal bones are narrowed, the bones are brought more towards the middle of the face. Occasionally those lines will be felt if you run your fingers up and down it, but the most important thing is that they should not be seen. In general, the little bumps are usually just the fracture lines from the original surgery.

It Has Been Two Months Since My Rhinoplasty And My Bump Is Getting Bigger. Is This Normal?

This can occur as the swelling goes down after a surgery. At the time of rhinoplasty surgery, there can be enough swelling in the skin to miss a bump, especially if it is a smaller one. It takes an experienced surgeon to realize when the perfect amount of a bump is shaved off, because even the skin thickness is uneven underneath that bump. Surgeons have to learn how to remove the bone and cartilage just enough so the profile still looks nice.

I Have A Dip In My Nose After Rhinoplasty. Is There A Permanent Solution?

Occasionally there can be a small dip in the nose and it is not worth it to undergo another surgery to fix it. In addition, placement of cartilage grafts, especially for a small deformity, can be relatively unpredictable and may not give you the ideal result. A good temporary option is something like Restylane or Juvederm, which can be placed to fill that divot. A more permanent option, when in highly trained hands, is liquid silicone. Liquid silicone is placed in micro droplet fashion and will give permanent results to the problem.

I Am About 1-1/2 Weeks Post-Op After A Rhinoplasty And Was Wondering If The Hanging Columella Will Resolve.

In the early post-op healing period, anything before six months, there will be many changes that will be happening to the nose. A hanging columella can be a result of swelling or it can be the result of poor surgical technique. Unfortunately, we cannot tell until all the swelling has come down and this takes at least six months. If this were to happen after a rhinoplasty, the best bet is to wait and see what happens. If it becomes a problem after six months, then we can deal with it appropriately.

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It Is Common For People Who Have Had A Rhinoplasty To Have A Line Underneath Their Nose When They Smile?

Occasionally a piece of cartilage is placed in the middle of the nose to support the tip. If this is placed a little bit too low, it can act as a barrier and when you smile a crease can form underneath it. The way to avoid this issue is to trim the piece of cartilage that is placed to accentuate your anatomy and avoid a stiff crease from happening. If this were to happen after a rhinoplasty, it is a relatively easy problem to fix.

I Have A Cartilage Bump On The Tip Of My Nose After Rhinoplasty. Will This Go Away?

As with all procedures performed in our office, the first step involves meeting with Dr. Nima. Patients visit with Dr. Nima for a complimentary initial consultation, where he will thoroughly review your issues, goals and options. He will have photos taken of your nose and use state-of-the-art imaging software to demonstrate possible outcomes with various before and after scenarios. Additionally, Dr. Nima will carefully review your medical history and any paperwork you may have related to one or more previous rhinoplasties he will be revising.

The most important thing to Dr. Nima is that you feel completely comfortable before proceeding. And if, for some reason, you still have questions or concerns after this initial meeting, our staff is always available via phone or in person to further address any issues and put you at ease.