While some of us are better at it than others, an aging face shows many signs of fatigue, trauma and restlessness. It is not that the person next to you that has the Fountain of Youth in their backyard, rather they are simply taking extra precautions and removing poor habits from their daily skin routine. Recently, the noninvasive approach to traditional facial rejuvenation was put under the microscope and though facial exercising is convenient, not enough evidence proves reduction of aging signs.

Research was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the medical journal for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The authors reported positive outcomes, but they remained skeptical about long-term effects of facial exercises. This was the first systematic review of this anti-aging treatment, but since randomization and controlled cases were lacking, efficacy in these procedures could not be determined as a reputable source for reversing the effects of aging.

Procedures For A Youthful Face

The traditional facelift, medically known as rhytidectomy, is considered one of the top surgical procedures to reverse aging signs in the cheeks, eyes, jowls and neck. Sagging muscles become tightened and smoother contour of the jawline can be expected.

On the other end, millions of men and women take advantage of non-surgical treatment. The most popular being Botox® and dermal fillers to reverse aging signs. Wrinkles, hollow contours and laugh lines can be corrected for near flawless results in facial rejuvenation.

Medical grade skin therapy treatments also present smooth texture and youthful skin. Facials, dermaplaning and chemical peels have become the norm among premature aging skin patients. Some products can be used in conjunction with each other, providing deeper exfoliation and long-lasting results.

Preferably, we recommend visiting an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to decide the best treatment for skin type. A consultation with facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Nima, can help retain youthful skin as well as correct skin damage. Though facial exercises lack experience and firm results, you can turn to traditional facelifts and non-surgical treatments for a youthful appearance.

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