There is nothing more disheartening than being dissatisfied with your initial rhinoplasty results, especially considering the physical and emotional investment that goes into the procedure. Fortunately, many doctors offer revision rhinoplasty, a highly-complex surgery that addresses your concerns and corrects your nose based on your unique aesthetic goals.

However, when looking into your revision rhinoplasty options, you may be wondering, “why is revision rhinoplasty more expensive than my primary rhinoplasty surgery?” Dr. Nima, a renowned revision rhinoplasty surgeon, explains below.

Requires a Higher Level of Skill, Precision, and Experience

Revision rhinoplasty is no walk in the park. While primary rhinoplasty can be relatively straightforward, revision rhinoplasty is far more difficult and requires a much higher level of skill, precision, and experience.

In Dr. Nima’s case, he often finds that revision rhinoplasty is almost always twice as hard as primary rhinoplasty. Though it may look as though you just need some straightening here and there, and maybe a little nip and tuck, your facial plastic surgeon won’t know the extent of your revision until they see what’s underneath.

Ultimately, your tip cartilage could be completely demolished, the bone could be crooked, or you could have extensive scarring. This may also require harvesting rib cartilage, which comes with its own challenge of entering the chest wall, extracting the cartilage, and shaping the graft to your nose.

In short, your revision rhinoplasty surgeon must have the knowledge and skills to fully reconstruct your nose if needed. This level of skill comes at a price—and it should, as you would not want to put your compromised nose into the hands of an inexperienced facial plastic surgeon.

Limited Amount of Facial Plastic Surgeons Specialize in Revision Rhinoplasty

Though there may be hundreds, if not thousands, of facial plastic surgeons throughout the U.S. who specialize in rhinoplasty, only a small portion are experienced in revision rhinoplasty. Many facial plastic surgeons do not feel comfortable performing this highly-complex and comprehensive procedure, which limits your options and drives up the cost.

Revision Rhinoplasty Patients Often Need More Involvement

At Eos Rejuvenation, when patients come to Dr. Nima for revision rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, he often finds that they are far more detail-oriented than primary rhinoplasty patients and already have a deep understanding of the rhinoplasty process.

This means they often require more involvement from the facial plastic surgeon, as they have a certain level of expectation regarding the preparation, surgery, and revision rhinoplasty outcome.

Additionally, it generally takes at least two years to see the final results of revision rhinoplasty. This is twice as long as primary rhinoplasty, which means the facial plastic surgeon typically has to provide a lot of reassurance as revision rhinoplasty patients continue to come in asking about their results.

Dr. Nima usually finds that many facial plastic surgeons do not have the patience or drive to dedicate a significant amount of time to revision rhinoplasty patients. This is why revision rhinoplasty costs more, as facial plastic surgeons who do offer this intricate procedure are prepared to support you every step along the way, from your preparation and surgery to recovery and beyond.

How Much Revision Rhinoplasty Costs

If you have questions about the cost of revision rhinoplasty at Eos Rejuvenation or would like to schedule a personal consultation with our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Nima, contact our Beverly Hills office.