Eos Rejuvenation Process


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Here at Eos Rejuvenation, we want you to achieve all your aesthetic goals. In order to give you the best result possible, Dr. Nima Shemirani created a three step process whereby you can experience the greatest outcome from your procedure. Prepare-Enhance-Sustain, provides a unique and comprehensive approach for achieving and maintaining an authentic, natural and beautiful appearance through a combination of skin care, surgery, and injectables.

In the Prepare stage of this process, skincare is key. Your skin should be in the best condition possible to ensure that any surgical or even non-surgical procedure will look its best. At this stage, your skin will be evaluated by our highly skilled aesthetician who may suggest a series of treatments or specialized skin care regimen to restore your skin to a healthy, youthful glow. This crucial skin prepping step provides the necessary foundation for the results achieved during the next stage, Enhance.

At this stage, Dr. Nima will use his artistic eye to determine the ideal combination of surgical procedures and non-surgical fillers or injectables that will suit your needs. Dr. Nima employs true artistry when he performs these procedures, enhancing and refining your features to bring your natural beauty to the surface.

During the Sustain phase the Eos Rejuvenation team works with you to establish a personalized maintenance program of skin care and/or injectables and fillers to keep up the natural and beautiful appearance achieved through the first two stages of the Eos Rejuvenation Process. Sustaining your result is of the utmost concern to our practice, so we will work with you to find a course that best suits your needs.