Fat Transfer in Beverly Hills, CA


Fat Transfer in Beverly Hills, CA

Most of us will experience fat atrophy in our face as we age. Facial atrophy can be accelerated due to heredity, excess sun exposure, smoking, weight loss, exercise and health issues. A sunken or gaunt appearance can cause you to look tired and aged. Dr. Nima offers facial rejuvenation that allows him to sculpt and restore fat to sunken areas on your face. At Eos Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills, we provide clients with fat harvesting and transfer for restored volume.

Dr. Nima uses the exceptional fat harvesting and transfer technology available through Puregraft. This high-tech process is completed using a closed system that cleanses and purifies the fat tissue within a sterile environment. Another plastic surgeon may opt to use an open system because it is less expensive. An open system may not adequately remove contaminants from the fat, which will lead to unsatisfactory results like bumps and uneven texture. Dr. Nima provides revision fat transfer procedures for patients who have experienced less than satisfactory results with another surgeon.

Who is a Candidate for a Fat Transfer?

There are benefits and limitations that plastic surgeon Dr. Nima will discuss with you in detail after examining you and reviewing your medical history. If you have laugh lines, smile lines, divots in your skin, acne scars or a loss of fat in your lips, cheeks or areas in your face, you may be considered a good candidate. Fat can be removed from your abdomen, cleansed and then transferred to correct these indentations and depressions, as well as minimize wrinkles and lines. Fat is not recommended for filling fine lines.

How to Prepare for a Fat Transfer?

The treatment usually takes less than 15 minutes in our beautiful Eos facility in Beverly Hills. Dr. Nima will provide you with specific preparations during your consultation. The treatment is often called a lunchtime procedure because patients usually return to work after having the injections. Preparation is minimal, and you can reduce the possibility of bruising by avoiding aspirin and over-the-counter products such as ibuprofen, Aleve and Motrin. You can use makeup immediately after the procedure to hide any redness.

What to Expect During Recovery from Fat Harvesting and Transfer?

You may experience bruising and swelling for one to two weeks. Dr. Nima may recommend that you take off a week or two from work to allow yourself time to heal and for the bruises to fade. You may carefully apply makeup after 1 week. The swelling may persist for several weeks before the complete results are evident. The treated areas will appear softer and fuller, and you will experience a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. The Puregraft purifying system will allow you to heal more quickly and to experience better results than you would with an open purifying system.


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The EOS Rejuvenation Process

Dr. Nima will evaluate your skin to explore the benefits of a fat transfer and will provide a skincare package with instructions.

Dr. Nima will harvest fat from one area and strategically inject it into preselected areas on your face. Age reduction will be experienced.

EOS Rejuvenation will provide you with instructions for achieving long-lasting or permanent results. You will receive a personalized care plan for maintenance.

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Eos Rejuvenation is happy to provide you with fat harvesting and transfer consultation with Dr. Nima Shemirani. Call us at (310)220-4726 or schedule your plastic surgery consultation online.

“I’d love to provide you with a facial fat transfer and to see you walk out smiling with satisfaction!” -Dr. Nima