Patient 1 - Liquid Facelift Before & After Photos
* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 1a Liquid Face Lift Before and After

This woman in her fifties has a very stressful job and was tired of looking tired. She did not like the deep lines in her glabella and around her eyes. She also had undereye hollows, deeper smile lines, and hollowing around her mouth, causing her to look tired and/or sad. She came in for a combination of treatments including Dysport in her forehead, glabella, and around her crow’s feet. She also had Restylane Defyne around her mouth, nasolabial folds, and marionette areas. This softened her look and makes her look less aged and less tired. These results shown are six weeks after the procedure.

Patient 2 - Liquid Facelift Before & After Photos
* Individual Results May Vary

This is a woman in her early fifties who was looking to augment her cheeks. In her before picture, her cheeks are less narrow than her jawline, which gives a more aged appearance. Radiesse was injected along the cheeks to recreate and augment the cheekbones so now that the cheekbones are slightly wider than the jawline. This gives a more heart-shaped face, which is more feminine and more youthful. Results shown are one month after the procedure. From the three-quarters’ view, you can see a nicely augmented cheek and a more youthful appearance. There is even a slight lift to the face after this procedure.