Patient 31 - Rhinoplasty
* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 18a Rhinoplasty Before and After

This young woman came in because she wanted a rhinoplasty procedure as well as a chin augmentation. On frontal view, her tip is bulbous and she wanted something thin and more refined. These results are taken 18 months after her open rhinoplasty procedure. The hump has been removed, the tip is more defined and lifted, and her chin augmentation looks nice and natural, giving more balance to her face.

Patient 32 - Rhinoplasty
* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 20a Rhinoplasty Before and After

This gentleman came in because he was involved in altercations when he was younger, causing a deviated nose towards the left side on frontal view. He also had a droopy tip because he had loss of tip support. He had a tiny dorsal hump that he wanted removed. These results are shown 6 months after rhinoplasty surgery, his nose is more straight on frontal view, the tip has been lifted in a masculine way, and he looks very natural.

Patient 33 - Rhinoplasty
* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 21a Rhinoplasty Before and After

This young female nurse came to see me for rhinoplasty surgery as well as trouble breathing through her nose. She has a small dorsal hump and a slightly droopy tip. She also has an underprojected chin and wanted a chin augmentation. These results shown are nine months after her surgery with an open rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. Her nose has been lifted, the frontal view shows a more balanced nose, and she is very happy with the results.

Patient 34 - Rhinoplasty
* Individual Results May Vary

This woman had acne scarring as well as some darker skin with melasma. She underwent six sessions of microneedling to help resolve her acne scarring. The results show improvement of her acne scarring. In addition, she did have a rhinoplasty performed.

Patient 35 - Rhinoplasty
* Individual Results May Vary

This young woman came to see me for a more unique request for her rhinoplasty. She wanted a very thin nose that was upturned with a curve to it. She also had trouble breathing through her nose, which made this especially difficult given the limitations of making a nose smaller from the outside but opening it up from the inside. She underwent a septorhinoplasty with dorsal reduction, complete osteotomies, as well as a septal extension graft to lift the tip. She also had facial reshaping surgery done elsewhere, not by me. Here are her results 11 months following her surgery.

Patient 36 - Rhinoplasty
* Individual Results May Vary

This young woman had a nose that did not fit her face. Her tip was droopy and she had a bump on her bridge. After surgery, the bump was reduced, lifted the tip, and straightened the bridge for a natural-looking outcome. Here she is 2 years after surgery.

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