Mature Blond Woman With Smooth Skin and No WrinklesGrowing older affects people differently, and around this time of year men and women are flocking to their local makeup artists to hide their facial flaws to look good ringing in the new year. A number of factors are responsible for the damage of aging skin including, chronological age, sun damage, genetics and lifestyle choices. Unfortunately makeup and beauty products provide temporary cover-up, so the need for facial rejuvenation rises as we age. The great thing is that there are a number of solutions used to improve aging signs effectively. These are some benefits patients can look forward to in the new year.

Skin Tone And Texture Repair

Very few of us realize what an uneven skin tone and rough textured skin can do to age a person’s appearance. Lack of rest, nourishment and hydration are often the additional culprits  of aging skin, which makes our complexion appear dry and flaky. Skin tone and texture  can be repaired with resurfacing treatments including chemical peels, microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. All of which help reduce aging spots and restore color for a youthful and glowing skin tone.

Eliminated Wrinkles

Faint lines around the eyes, between the eyebrows and wrinkles on the forehead cannot be avoided by the natural aging process. Fortunately, the aging process can be tamed by some of the finest age protection treatments of modern medical technology. Fine lines and wrinkles left untreated can progress deeply and more apparent with time, so early treatment contains these occurrences. Botox® injections are the perfect deterrent for small wrinkles caused by extensive muscle movements like smiling and frowning. This treatment prevents wrinkles from growing deeper and keeps new ones from progressing.

Filled And Smoother Furrows

The more that time elapses, is the more time lines and wrinkles have to dig into deeper issues. Natural loss of volume occurs in these areas when collagen production declines as the body ages. Injectable fillers, known as dermal fillers, restore lost volume in these areas which erase years from a person’s appearance.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, provides immediate results without extensive surgical procedures or downtime. Some dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with Botox® and other skin resurfacing treatments for dramatically improved results. A board certified plastic surgeon rightfully assesses the patient’s need for treatment to provide desirable skin rejuvenation.

Whether you are worried about aging signs or wish to maintain a natural complexion, the three areas above are all treatable. Some patients are more concerned with one issue over the other two and other patients resort to treating all three, the choice is up to them and options are discussed during consultation.

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