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Dr. Nima was featured on The Doctors TV Show on CBS.

The Doctors TV show



The Huffington Post 

Yelp Could Be the Key to  Finding A Good Doctor (Yes, Seriously).  Online review aren’t just for restaurants.

The study authors, led by Dr. Nima Shemirani, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, noted that online reviews can be an important source of feedback for both doctors and staff members.

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Jewish Journal

Jewish Patients Taking New Look at Rhinoplasty

Dr. Nima Shemirani, a Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, said although younger Jewish patients explore rhinoplasty and other procedures to fit Hollywood ideals of beauty, future generations will be more accepting of their natural ethnic features. He recommends beginning the “Why rhinoplasty?” conversation earlier in life with a board-certified practitioner, especially because revision rhinoplasty is always more complex than primary rhinoplasty, with double the healing time — especially for Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jews.

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