Dr. Nima Shemirani

Growing up amidst a family of artists, Dr. Nima never expected that he would enjoy biology, much less embrace the field of medicine. However, in college, he noticed that – above all else – biology was a great equalizer. Under a microscope, we’re all the same: no color, religion, race … just humans.

Dr. Nima During Surgery

With his passion piqued, Dr. Nima applied to medical school where he excelled, earning his medical degree from the prestigious Medical College of Wisconsin and where he also completed his residency in Otolaryngology (ENT).

But why plastic surgery?

For Dr. Nima, the field of facial plastic surgery offered the perfect opportunity to “marry” his intertwining passions – art and people – with his extensive medical knowledge. With that in mind, Dr. Nima secured a coveted fellowship at the world-renowned Glasgold Group in New Jersey, where he honed his craft alongside some of the world’s best plastic surgeons.

But Dr. Nima has never limited his practice to just what he learned during his medical training; he has continually infused it with his life experiences and love of art. For example, while travelling in Europe, Dr. Nima was told an anecdote about Leonardo DaVinci. Apparently, when painting The Last Supper, DaVinci wanted realistic disciples; he didn’t want generic noses, cheekbones, brows, etc. So he scoured Europe in search of the perfect live human upon which he could model Judas, and a masterpiece was born! So, too, Dr. Nima eschews the generic and works diligently to uncover each individual patient’s unique beauty in a way that remains true to their authentic selves, ultimately revealing their own, personal “masterpiece.”

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Natural beauty is more than just symmetry; it’s about proportion and personality. At Eos, the artistry is in creating beauty that matches with who you are.” – Dr. Nima

Dr. Nima is a Board Certified facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, specializing in: rhinoplasty, facelifts, browlifts, earlobe reduction, ENT (ear, nose & throat procedures) and non-surgical facial enhancements (i.e. lip augmentation, non-surgical rhinoplasty, injectibles, etc.).

Beyond his impressive credentials, Dr. Nima has developed a compassionate sensitivity to his patients’ needs and fears. He takes the time to really listen to them and collaborates with each one to develop a highly personalized approach that directly addresses not just that patient’s particular issue but also takes into account the individual’s personality, sensitivities and concerns. He creates a warm atmosphere where his patients feel safe, secure and nurtured.

Gosh— the best doctor!! He is very detail oriented and is very artistic. He has a good eye and will exceed your expectations!!! Highly recommended. Best decision I made as far as choosing a doctor. He will take the time to follow up and call to check on you which is very thoughtful. That is a doctor who cares about the quality of their work.” -kanky45 via RealSelf.com

It is no surprise, then, that among his many prestigious awards, Dr. Nima was voted “One of America’s Most Compassionate Doctors” (Patient’s Choice Awards 2011) and “One of California’s Favorite Physicians” (Patient’s Choice Awards 2012).

Additionally, Dr. Nima has been honored in RealSelf’s Top 100 list for the past 3 consecutive years, firmly placing him among the top 2% of the 6,000+ -member RealSelf community. They say the best recommendation is a satisfied customer and Dr. Nima’s patients have clearly spoken!

There is no greater reward for Dr. Nima than a truly satisfied and happy patient. It is what drives him to continually enhance and improve his practice so that his patients always receive the highest quality of care with the best and most satisfying results possible!