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“When I first came with my mother to her first appointment, I saw Dr. Nima’s kindness, his bedside manners, how patient he was with her and I knew that I could trust Dr. Nima in order to go through the appointment, and listen to me, and figure out the things that we wanted to do in order for me to be happy.”


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“It’s always a pleasant experience going to Dr. Nima’s office. His staff is beyond welcoming and friendly. He genuinely cares about his patients and the results they desire.”

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“I am really thrilled with the results of my non-surgical rhinoplasty, botox and fillers. Dr. Shimerani is highly skilled and talented at his work. He truly cares about the satisfaction of his patients and will spend the time needed to assess your face as a whole to make sure your features are balanced. He is the only plastic surgeon I will trust to touch my face. My entire experience has been outstanding.”

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“The relationship between a doctor and a patient should be positive, a good energy and Dr. Nima had all of that. Bedside manners, he’s kind. Definitely, I will recommend Dr. Nima for the whole world because he’s just amazing, amazing doctor, amazing human being!”


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“Exceptional experience from start to finish! Dr. Nima’s careful, artful and comprehensive examination of my face lead to results that exceeded all my expectations.”

Kat B. – Google

“The moment I met Dr. Nima I was immediately impressed. He is always professional, him and his staff are always super nice, and the office is beautiful. I’m a month and a half post op, and I am beyond happy. I breathe better, and most importantly I have a beautiful profile and I have a lot more confidence than I ever had. I can’t recommend Dr. Nima enough. If you are considering rhinoplasty, do it! Dr. Nima’s work really is life changing.”.”

Monica G. – Yelp

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“My sister..a patient of Dr. Nima’s said, ‘Go talk to him; go meet him.’ And I did. After that, I did not go anywhere else; I didn’t talk to anyone else. I just felt very comfortable; I liked him a lot. I thought this is definitely the place to be.”


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“I had such a wonderful experience in Dr. Shemirani’s office. His staff is professional and efficient not to mention how talented he is! He really helped me with my crow’s feet and I’m loving the results. I definitely recommend him for botox and any other cosmetic procedures.”

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“He is the most normal and down to earth guy you’ll ever meet. So humble and kind. He is a true artist. It took me over 30 years to do this, and I’m so grateful I found him. He delivered exactly what he promised and I have never felt more whole and beautiful than I do now in my life. I am more confident in daily life and only wish I would have done this sooner. The BEST plastic surgeon you will ever find in the WORLD!”

Happy Patient – Realself

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“A really good friend of mine had some plastic surgery with the doctor, and I was so impressed with it I pursued an interview to see what he might do to be able to make me look better..I felt that if Dr. Nima could help me look younger, then I would really be interested in having some plastic surgery to do that.”


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