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They say that, by a certain age, everyone comes with “baggage.” We’re not sure about that but we’re positive that it shouldn’t apply to your eyes.

Lower Eyelid Surgery, or Lower Blepharoplasty (removal of excess fat and tightening of the skin) can dramatically minimize the appearance of baggy and puffy lower eyelids that make you look exhausted and worn-out appearance and contribute to those dark circles no amount of make-up can hide. It is no surprise that Beverly Hills men are as much a fan of this procedure as women.

The most important element in successful Lower Eyelid Surgery is knowing exactly how much fat and/or skin needs to be removed. During your free consultation, Dr. Nima will carefully evaluate your lower eyelid and thoroughly explain what can be achieved for you with lower eyelid surgery.

Enhance4The surgery, which is performed under sedation for minimal discomfort, involves excising under eye bulges via small incisions behind the lower lashes. This allows for no visible scarring. To avoid that hollow, “operated look,” Dr. Nima typically transfers a small amount of fat from another part of your body and, with great precision, places it just beneath the excised under eye bulges. Dr. Nima has spent many years perfecting this finely-tuned method to create a more natural and youthful appearance. Please visit the fat transfer section for more information.

Sustain EOS RejuvenationThe surgery has a brief post-operative recovery period with minimal care required. Although you may look more alert and youthful, the surgery cannot address those fine lines under and around your eyes. To best show off your newly refreshed eyes, we strongly recommend upping your skin care regimen with an effective eye cream and/or retinol product. In addition, Botox properly placed around the eyes can help prevent further wrinkles to maintain and sustain your rejuvenated look.

To schedule a lower eyelid surgery consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 772-2866.


“I have seen many facial plastic surgeons…Been looking around and searching for almost two months. Dr. Nima is simply the best! So kind, knowledgeable and just so pleasant to be around! He told me everything he thinks needs to be done about my surgery, answered all my questions. I left an office feeling that I could trust him! You know that feeling! Also a little warning…He is very handsome! Try really hard to overlook it and absorb well all important information he says to you!” – AlexVegas (Realself)

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