Buccal Fat Removal
Beverly Hills

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Buccal fat pad reduction is an outstanding way to sculpt the lower face and create more definition between the cheekbones and the jawline. The ideal candidates for this procedure are Beverly Hills patients who has chubby cheeks or full cheeks. If you would like to know what you would look like after a buccal fat pad reduction you can suck in your cheeks just slightly and this would demonstrate a very realistic result. We often perform this procedure along with neck and jaw liposuction to fully sculpt the lower face.

This cosmetic procedure is performed in approximately half an hour to an hour, with minimal discomfort and essentially no downtime. In our office, we numb the inside of our mouth with some numbing cream, as well as an injection. A small incision is made inside the cheek and the buccal fat pad is removed through that incision. The incision is closed with an absorbable suture that just dissolves by itself. Postoperative care is very minimal, with just saltwater swishes and Tylenol for pain control.

Dr. Nima will meet with you for an initial consultation to evaluate whether or not you are a good candidate for buccal fat pad reduction. Optimal results are dependent on the condition of your skin, so we will likely recommend a skin-care regimen to go along with the buccal fat pad reduction.

During the procedure, none of the incisions will be seen and there is minimal to no discomfort. We can even give you a relaxing medication to help you through the process. Most of our Beverly Hills patients essentially fall asleep during the procedure.

You can expect a rapid recovery after buccal fat pad reduction, with little discomfort. You will have some mild swelling that not many people will notice. Most of the swelling goes away in approximately one week and the final results continue to improve for six months.

There have been some arguments against buccal fat pad reduction, saying that it may hollow your face out too much as you get older. I would refute this fact, saying that for the time being after buccal fat pad reduction, you will have more defined cheekbones and jawline for a more sculpted face. Typically in our fifties and sixties, we lose fat in our face anyway, and all of that can be replaced with your own fat down the road if and when you need it. Buccal fat pad reduction is a fantastic way to create a more narrow face and we invite you for a consultation.

For more information on buccal fat removal or ti schedule a consultation, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 772-2866.