Facial Trauma
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facial trauma
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“Trauma” is defined not only as a physical injury but also as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” At Eos Rejuvenation, we understand how any facial injury can be highly traumatic, both physically and emotionally. Life is unpredictable and facial injuries can unexpectedly occur during sports activities, while playing with your pets or as a result of some accident.

Whatever the cause, you can trust your face and its restoration to Eos Rejuvenation. We have extensive experience in treating all manner of facial traumas in Beverly Hills patients of all ages.

If your facial trauma necessitated a visit to an emergency room, we recommend that you request copies of any CT scan (preferably on a CD) they may have performed and bring the copies with you to your initial consultation with us. Typically, any fractures you have suffered will need to be repaired within 7-14 days and we will make room in our schedule to see you as soon as possible. As most such injuries are covered by insurance, be sure to bring your health insurance card with you to your consultation.

Treatments can range from observation (without surgery) to a reconstructive procedure. Dr. Nima has perfected various methods for treating facial fractures to restore the bony structure to its original form without creating any additional scars on your face. He meticulously repairs most fractures employing well-hidden incisions within the nose or mouth. Most procedures are performed with sedation for your utmost comfort, allowing you to return home the same day.

For broken bones, our goal is to restore the bony structure to its original form.

Come see us for a free consultation, and answers to your questions and concerns. After the repair and healing period, you can go back to your normal life as if nothing ever happened.

For more information on facial trauma, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 772-2866.


“I gashed my forehead open in a bike accident. The cut was jagged and deep and gushing blood down my face. I needed stitches and was concerned about a scar. I am so lucky that Dr. Shemirani is the doctor who stitched me up. He is a brilliant and talented plastic surgeon. His stitches were careful and precise and the wound has healed quickly and perfectly – it is invisible now. Dr. Shemirani is caring and warm and immediately instills confidence. He is a perfectionist (in a good way!) and clearly takes great pride in his work. He met me without hesitation at 9:30 p.m. on a Saturday night on an emergency basis to patch me up — so kind and amazing. I am so grateful. I would go back to him for any procedure.” – Vi777 (Realself)

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