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jowl treatment
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Just the word “jowls” sounds dowdy and unappealing! As we age, our lower cheeks, which are mostly made up of fat, begin to sag below our jawline, creating a bulge where we used to have a straight, taut line. While surgery used to be the only option to rid you of these unwelcome signs of aging, Eos Rejuvenation can now offer you a non-surgical jowl lift. The in-office treatment, which takes less than an hour, reduces and removes jowls without surgery and with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Prepare2Before your procedure, you will meet with Dr. Nima so that he can review your medical history and discuss your desired results. Because the success of the procedure is highly dependent on the condition of your skin, we will recommend that you meet with our aesthetician for a consultation. She will evaluate your skin care needs and typically perform a treatment to condition your skin before proceeding in order to insure optimal results.

EnhanceThe procedure is done under local anesthesia and the jowls are removed while you are seated comfortably in our Beverly Hills office. We undertake special preparations to help reduce any signs of your having “work” done. With the proper techniques and gentle care, you will walk out of our office with a restored and rejuvenated jawline.

Sustain EOS RejuvenationRemoving the jowls is almost permanent; your former jowls will take years to return, if ever. Following your jowl lift, the Eos Rejuvenation team will work with you to establish a personalized maintenance program of skin care and injectibles to sustain the natural and beautiful appearance achieved. Maintaining great skin will highlight your results, and keep you looking fresh and youthful. Be sure to speak with our Aesthetician about the best products to keep your skin taught and moisturized.

Schedule your jowl treatment consultation with Dr. Nima by contacting his office in Beverly Hills at (310) 220-4726.


“Shemirani is not only caring towards his patients but also takes the time to follow up and make sure they are completely happy with their results. If you have any concerns he addresses them quickly and doesn’t keep you waiting. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else.” – Liz P. (Yelp)

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