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One of the signs of aging that is most disconcerting to both men and women is the dreaded “turkey neck.” This condition is typically caused by the loss of skin elasticity due to the natural aging process and/or sun exposure, which results in the appearance of slack skin and two vertical bands. Some Beverly Hills patients also notice that their jawlines aren’t quite as sharp as they once were, which is usually caused by excess fat under the skin. Whatever the causes, the “gobble” effect is highly unwelcome to many of us.

A neck lift could be a great option for Beverly Hills patients who are experiencing loose, excess neck skin or, perhaps, some mild “jowling,” and you want to turn back the clock to restore a tauter, youthful neck and jawline.

Prepare2At your complimentary consultation, Dr. Nima will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and carefully explain the options to treat your issues. He may also discuss the possibility of combining a neck lift with a facelift to address more significant jowling and sagging of the facial skin. Dr. Nima’s goal during your first visit is to put you at ease by fully-informing you and helping you set reasonable expectations for the outcome of any procedure.

EnhanceTo perform a neck lift, Dr. Nima carefully makes an incision, well-hidden behind the ears, in addition to a small, precise incision under the chin discreetly placed within a normal skin crease. When fully-healed, the incisions are essentially invisible. During the surgery, the muscles are tightened, the excess fat and skin are carefully removed and the incisions are closed. We may send you home with a bandage to apply pressure during the first night, which is removed the next day in-office. Although there is some moderate swelling and bruising for 1-2 weeks, the results are usually apparent immediately. Your stitches are removed within the first week.

Sustain EOS RejuvenationThe results from your neck lift will last 5-10 years. To enhance your long-lasting results, we highly recommend a regular skin care and injectibles regimen. Our resident aesthetician is available to work with you on creating a personalized program that combines the most effective products with treatments and procedures to help maintain and sustain the look of your rejuvenated neck.

To schedule your neck lift consultation, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 220-4726.


“Truly the only Dr. I would ever allow to touch my face for any cosmetic procedures […]. Dr. Nima is not only modest in his work but also a perfectionist. I can speak from personal experience having worked with him also in the OR and comparing his meticulous work, patience and perfectionism to other Plastic surgeons his technique and work is exceptional. As a hobby he takes sculpting classes which is an extra perk to his talents and experience.

Neda, his office manager, is a doll. Always working her way around pleasing his patients and making sure we look as natural as it gets walking out and giving her honest opinion , plus she’s gorgeous! I’ve had my aunt, 2 cousins, and coworker in addition to myself get work done with Dr. Nima and we all have been again. Gracious thanks to him !” – Jacqueline E. (Yelp)

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