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At Eos Rejuvenation, we effectively use Botox® and Dysport® to treat those dreaded signs of aging: crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines and a wrinkled neck. Using a hair-strand-thin needle, Dr. Nima will make a few tiny injections into the offending muscles, wrinkles or creases to smooth them out. Typically, results last about 3 months.

Some Beverly Hills patients on a regular maintenance program report going as long as 6 months before needing another treatment!


At Eos Rejuvenation, we don’t just want to give you a reason to smile, we want to give you a reason not to stop smiling!. We all know that with repeated smiling people can develop unflattering wrinkles around the eyes, or “crow’s feet.” Not only will precisely injected Dysport or Botox help rid you of those smile lines, it will also prevent further deepening of those wrinkles. And as an added bonus, your eyes will appear more open which will make you look more awake and “refreshed!” Within 3-7 days after injection, you will notice a significant decrease in the appearance of creasing around your eyes. Results typically last ~3 months. Check out our before and after photos!


By far, the most common place to get Botox or Dysport injections is the glabella, those pesky lines between the eyebrows (the “11s”). Within 3-7 days after being injected, you will notice that you won’t be able to frown anymore and the treatment is effective for 3-4 months; however, when on a regular program of injections, some Beverly Hills patients can go as long as 6 months between treatments. Regular injections can also help prevent the forming of new lines or the deepening of the ones you already have. Check out our before and after photos!


One of the more aesthetically unappealing signs of aging is the horizontal lines that appear on our foreheads, caused by lifting the eyebrows on a regular basis. Carefully placed injections of Botox or Dysport will smooth out those lines without creating a “frozen” look so that you can maintain some facial expression for a more natural looking result. Check out or before and after photos!


A little lift of the eyebrow and your eyes can look bigger and brighter! A small amount of Botox or Dysport placed just beneath the eyebrow will help lift it to give the arch look you see in the magazines. The results are subtle, but Beverly Hills patients absolutely love the immediate effect of opening the eyes! Check out our before and after photos!


Chewing . There’s a muscle for that. It’s called the “masseter muscle” and it wraps about the outer jaw. For some, this muscle is a bit larger or thicker than they’d prefer. In such cases, a “masseter” Botox injection can slim the neck and accentuate the oval-ness of a patient’s face, transforming a patient’s jawline, resulting in a more feminine aesthetic. However, Botox injections into the “masseter” can transform more than a patient’s appearance. For some, teeth grinding (i.e. TMJ), especially while they sleep, feels like a harsh, never-ending sentence, resulting in headaches, migraines, ear pain, and damaged teeth. For such Beverly Hills patients, Botox injected into the jawline offers a pardon. Such a treatment narrows the jawline, relaxes the “masseter” muscle, and alleviates pain associated with TMJ disorders. Yet, those who undergo such an injection, are able to chew, smile, and laugh without skipping a beat.


Many of Botox’s myriad and diverse applications are well known: it erases wrinkles, banishes migraines, and reshapes faces. This medical marvel, however, has another trick up its sleeve. And this trick, unlike those listed above, is generally covered by insurance. For most of us, sweating is an irritant. For others, however, excessive sweat is a condition, and it’s debilitating. The afflicted suffer from excessive yellow stains in their clothing, palms so wet that shaking others’ hands is a cause for panic, and feet so damp that blisters result. For these individuals, Botox injected into the armpits, the palms of their hands, or the soles of their feet, can stop this problem cold. The procedure can be done with topical or IV anesthesia for maximum comfort. Results typically take 7 days to set in and last an average of up to 7 months.

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” Dr. Nima is reinventing the game. He is a true gentleman. He […] has no ego, and he takes pride in his work. He’s honest, he explains the procedures in detail for laymen like myself. My girlfriend and I go to him regularly for botox and fillers. The work he did on her was amazing. He injected her undereyes, and her bags are now gone. I get botox for my “11” lines, and I no longer frown. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a plastic surgeon who does amazing work!” – Head M (Yelp)

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