Cheek Augmentation
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cheek augmentation
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The “apple-cheeked” child is a favorite subject of artists when depicting scenes of youth and well-being. But as we age, the face loses fat, causing the cheeks to become flat and saggy, giving way to a sunken-in, hollow look.

Restoring volume and definition to your cheeks can be accomplished through Cheek augmentation, or “cheek lift,” a procedure involving fat transfer that allows for sculpting and plumping of the cheekbones which results in an extremely natural-looking and long-lasting lift.

During your consultation, Dr. Nima will carefully examine your face and skin and discuss the results that can be expected from a cheek augmentation. For Beverly Hills patients who may not feel ready for a surgical procedure, Dr. Nima will also discuss non-surgical fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm, which can add volume and contouring to the cheeks with minimal bruising and downtime.

A cheek lift can be performed under sedation in about 1-2 hours. The recovery time is usually around 10 days. Our patients generally report little discomfort associated with the procedure and numbing cream is applied to help reduce discomfort.
Other benefits of cheek augmentation include:

  • Improved smile lines
  • Correction of hollows under the eyes
  • Lifting of the lower part of the face
  • Higher cheekbones

Sustain EOS RejuvenationGreat skin care is essential to maintaining your newly rejuvenated cheeks. We encourage you to meet with our aesthetician who will recommend a personalized skin care regimen that combines the best products and treatments to sustain and extend your results for as long as possible.

Add volume to your cheeks with a cheek augmentation treatment. Contact our office In Beverly  Hills to schedule a consultation at (310) 772-2866.



“I had been deciding whether to get cheek augmentation surgery for years. From the minute I walked in to Dr.Nima’s office he made me so comfortable, I left his office knowing he was my choice. Dr.Nima was so friendly, patient with answering all of my questions, knowledgable, and most of all made me feel incredibly comfortable. I was absolutely not nervous because I knew I was in good hands. I ended up having the fat graft surgery about 7 months ago and Dr.Nima more than exceeded my expectations!! He made sure that I was comfortable with my decisions. I am so happy with the result and am surprised at how pain-less it was. Dr.Nima called me the first night of surgery to make sure I was ok!!! I was so touched that he did that! He was always there for me when I called with any issue that came up during my healing process. He ended up seeing me almost every week for six weeks to make sure I was healing properly. I’m 100 % sure I had the best care a patient could ask for!” – Monica D (Yelp)

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