Juvederm Voluma
Beverly Hills

Juvenderm-Voluma EOS Rejuvenation
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While the words “spectacular,” “astounding,” and “revolutionary” are often overused (and underserved) when describing product results in the beauty industry, they most certainly apply to the extraordinary outcomes of Juvederm Voluma.

While this cheek and under eye augmenter may be classified in the general category of “filler,” Juvederm Voluma truly resides in a league of its own, as it allows practitioners to accomplish what no other filler can; true artistic sculpting! With Juvederm Voluma, Dr. Nima can subtly alter your facial contours, while simultaneously lifting your face and magically erasing the signs of aging.

Once injected and settled, the line between where a Beverly Hills patient’s skin ends and where Juvederm Voluma begins is virtually undetectable; the injected material is as soft and natural-appearing as your original youthful skin.

Will it hurt? Due to the injection site of Juvederm Voluma, where nerve endings are sparse, the administration feels more gentle and less painful than other injections.

As for its longevity, Juvederm Voluma has shown to last up to two years. And don’t be intimidated by its endurance, if you are not completely satisfied or if you desire a correction, the treatment is reversible and can easily and quickly be dissolved.

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“I have nothing but the BEST things to say about my experience. I had several consults with multiple doctors about my procedure. From the moment I walked in the office to the moment I left, I felt almost as though we’d all been friends for years. I knew immediately after my final consult of the day, this would be where I’d return for my procedure. Not only was everyone extremely professional, but equally concerned for your well-being. I will absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, give this 5 stars.” – Green S. (Yelp)

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