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Do you have a drawer full of half-used products that promised to magically turn back time to you of 10 years ago but as far as you can tell the clock hasn’t budged? Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as the “fountain of youth” Well, Restylane and Juvederm may be the answer!! These hyaluronic acid dermal fillers‎ offer an amazing ability to fill the wrinkles and fine lines that have invaded our once youthful faces while looking completely natural, with little-to-no side effects. And, not only can these gels help our Beverly Hills patients fill in lines, but they also add moisture and lubrication to the skin, making it feel younger and more comfortable. Additionally, these “miracle” treatments can be used to improve and enhance facial contours, correct under-eye sagging and flattened cheeks and augment the lips. Results last anywhere from 6 – 24 months.


You know those unflattering lines that form at the corners of our mouth and travel down to our chin creating the look of a marionette? We thought so, we know them, as well. This phenomenon, caused by a loss of volume, can make you appear grumpy or even sad when you probably feel just fine. These areas can be nicely filled out, easily correcting the issue, using either Restylane or Juvederm. Check out our Before and After photos to see the improvements!


At Eos Rejuvenation, we want all our Beverly Hills patients to feel free to smile big and laugh often without worrying about those pesky “smile lines” that form over time. With a quick and easy injection of Restylane or Juvederm your smile lines can disappear. In addition, we perform cheek injections that will lift your cheek while improving your smile lines. Try looking in the mirror and lifting your cheeks to see your smile lines improve.


In a busy world of ever-increasing demands on our time, many of us are working longer and longer sacrificing precious hours of sleep and walking around with tired-looking eyes. Under-eye bags and crow’s feet only exacerbate this premature “aging” appearance. In the past, the only option was to remove those bags with surgery. Now, with the use of dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm Voluma, we can offer our Beverly Hills patients a non-surgical, “liquid” eyelid lift. Take a look at some of our Before and After pictures to see the amazing results.

Non-surgical eyelid lifts are performed in our office, in about 20-30 minutes with minimal downtime. We only use microcannulas for these injections, which have very small, blunt tips, and results in significantly less bruising. Numbing cream is used to decrease any discomfort. The results are evident immediately.


Who doesn’t want full, pouty lips? Luckily, Juvederm can provide what Mother Nature did not, or restore what you have lost over time. In about 15 minutes, you can have lips that are the envy of any Hollywood celebrity. No duck-lips here! Because Juvederm contains a molecule that is already found within the skin, it delivers a completely natural-looking results. Numbing cream or a dental block can be used to minimize any discomfort and as soon as the treatment is completed, you are ready to go!

If you are ready to rejuvenate your appearance with Restylane & Juvederm, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 772-2866.


“Dr. Shemirani has to be one of the BEST plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. He is honest, patient, caring and does wonderful work. I went to him for fillers underneath my eyes twice now and I could not be happier with my results. He promised me that I would have little to no bruising and he was right! I had no bruising and no one could even tell I had even done anything. I will not go to anyone else! If you want a Doctor that is caring and will take care of you then he is the one to go to. Not only is his work amazing but his bed side manner is amazing as well. I have referred him to many friends and family members and every single one of them have had wonderful experiences with him. If you are looking for the BEST and who is the most up-to-date with the newest techniques out there then Dr. Shemirani is the one you should be going to!” – MM01 (Realself)

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