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The “distance” between the Mona Lisa and the Average artist’s copy isn’t far; more shading here, a straighter line there and voilà, the two could hang side-by-side in the Louvre.

Beauty is really just a matter of millimeters. Our faces are our individual works of art, and an inspired plastic surgeon understands that minimal and targeted “tweaks,” rather than broad brush strokes, will bring our masterpieces to the surface.

The creators of Sculptra set about to invent a product that would allow a skilled practitioner to specifically and effectively address those barely-there hollows and valleys which invade our temples, cheeks, and the edges of our grins as the years march on.

The culprit? Our body’s gradual loss of collagen as we age. Sculptra literally “coaxes” our collagen reserves into filling in those slight hollows in a subtle, yet dramatic way, erasing years from our faces.

The key to achieving Sculptra’s revolutionary results is proper usage. For instance, it should never be used under the eyes or as lip filler, and to achieve optimum results, an advanced notice of 24 hours should be given to correctly prepare the product. Furthermore, only board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists should administer the product, as it requires a skilled, gentle touch.

Dr. Nima also offers the added benefit of minimal bruising and downtime, as he implements a specialized injection technique known as the cannula method. Overall, when used properly, the results astound, generally lasting over 2 years.



“I would give Dr. Shemirani 6 stars if I could. He is one of the best plastic surgeons in town! I have been going to him for about a year now for numerous procedures and I just recently got fillers under my eyes for my upcoming wedding and it has improved my hollowness and dark circles, I look amazing!!! […] I totally recommend Dr. Shemirani and his team to all my friends and I will be coming back for a touch up right before my big day!!” – Sharon N (Yelp)

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