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wrinkle reduction
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Although there are a variety of causes, dark circles are typically the result of leaking capillaries just beneath the delicate, thin skin beneath our eyes. In addition, hollows under the eyes can cast shadows which cause or worsen dark circles. For some of our Beverly Hills patients, this area of our skin is so translucent that it can almost appear as if we are sporting actual bruises. Whatever the cause, the effect is an unappealing hollowed and exhausted appearance.

You can find many so-called “home” remedies discussed on the internet to treat the condition, such as applying cold compresses, using extra pillows, getting extra sleep, wearing dark glasses and sunscreens, trying saline washes or sprays, and employing cosmetics for camouflaging. These may work, but they are not long-term solutions. Who wants to cake on makeup every day?!

At Eos Rejuvenation, we will evaluate the cause and extent of your dark circles and suggest measures such as injectables, laser therapy or surgery to reduce the appearance of your dark circles and rejuvenate your eyes. Additionally, our aesthetician may recommend the use of prescription creams and undergoing several chemical peels to help reduce the discoloration. Whatever the regimen and treatments, we are confident we can minimize, if not completely eliminate, those pesky dark circles, restoring your eyes to vibrancy! Call us when you are ready to throw that concealer away!

To schedule a wrinkle reduction consultation, contact our office in Beverly Hills at  (310) 220-4726.


“Best possible experience from front to finish. Dr. Shemirani is an Ace! Super kind, aware and sensitive to my needs. Looking forward to my return!” – Mamicutes (RealSelf)

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