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“Just Breathe.” How many times has someone offered this advice when you were stressing about something? Unfortunately for some of us, simply breathing isn’t all that easy. At Eos Rejuvenation, we understand how problems inhaling and exhaling can seriously impact our quality of life by disrupting sleep and making physical exertion more difficult. Functional Rhinoplasty is nose surgery to correct breathing or other internal structural nasal issues, including deviated septums, enlarged turbinates, internal/external nasal valve collapses, and nasal polyps. Dr. Nima has a particular passion for the relief that this type of procedure can provide his Beverly Hills patients. He has even written and published a highly regarded article on the diagnosis and treatment of nasal airway obstruction in a national, peer-reviewed journal.


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Prior to undertaking any procedure, you will participate in a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nima. During this initial meeting, Dr. Nima will conduct a thorough exam to evaluate any and all areas that are obstructing your breathing. Additionally, he will frequently employ illustrations and diagrams to help you better understand your particular issues as well as the recommended solution. Before proceeding, Dr. Nima wants to ensure that all your questions and concerns are satisfactorily addressed and that you are comfortable with the surgical plan and anticipated outcome. Furthermore, Dr. Nima will discuss whether correction of your issues is likely covered by your insurance.

Deviated Septum:

When you suffer from a deviated septum it means that one or both of your nasal pathways are obstructed due to internal structural flaws. These problems can be caused either by trauma or genetic factors. During a Septoplasty procedure, the “deviated” portions of the septum (the cartilage between the two nasal passages) are removed or straightened. Your recovery is relatively pain-free as, post-surgery, no uncomfortable nasal packing is placed.

Enlarged Turbinates:

Turbinates are flesh-covered bones inside the nose that can become enlarged. When this happens, you can experience mild-to-severe breathing problems. Sometimes, Beverly Hills patients suffering from enlarged turbinates may respond to medications such as nasal sprays, which can alleviate the need for an invasive procedure. However, for those that do not respond to such medications, corrective surgery can offer the desired relief. Just as with a Septoplasty, the procedure is both rapidly and simply performed and offers very minimal discomfort during recovery.

Internal Nasal Valve:

The internal nasal valve is the area between the septum, the lowest turbinate, and the roof of the nasal cavity. It can become narrowed for a variety of reasons: genetics, a previous rhinoplasty, or abnormalities associated with the septum or the turbinate. This particular issue causes what is commonly referred to as a “collapsing nose” when you take a deep breath in through you nose. Dr. Nima addresses this structural flaw by using cartilage to slightly widen your nasal passageway. This procedure is somewhat more intricate than a Septoplasty, but is often performed in conjunction with one. Post-surgery, you may experience some moderate swelling but the level of pain is still minimal.

External Nasal Valve:

The external nasal valve is the technical name for your nostrils. Some Beverly Hills patients suffer from tiny nostrils and some simply lack the necessary “support” in the area. The result is a “caved in” look in the nostril region. Dr. Nima surgically addresses this problem by placing small pieces of cartilage along the rim of your nostrils through an invisible incision inside your nose. As with the other corrective nasal procedures, there should be little-to-no discomfort following the surgery.

Nasal Polyps:

If, like a vast majority of the population, you suffer from allergies or asthma, you may develop Nasal Polyps, non-malignant, teardrop shaped growths that form near your sinus cavity. This inflammatory condition oftentimes can be treated successfully with medications. However, when non-surgical options fail, surgery can be indicated. During the relatively straightforward procedure, the offending polyps are removed and your nasal passageway is opened. As nasal polyps do tend to recur since your allergies or asthma will continue, we will prescribe a topical nasal steroid to be used post-surgery in order to reduce the chances of needing such correctional surgery in the future.

After any and all of the above-mentioned procedures or medicinal regimens, Beverly Hills patients will experience a significant improvement in their breathing and sleeping patterns. Concerns such as snoring, sleep apnea, and stamina while exercising will all be vastly improved upon and the issues virtually eliminated. That said, patients are encouraged, at any point post-surgery, to contact our staff with any and all concerns or recurrence of symptoms.

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“Going under the knife can be very nerve wrecking but Dr. Shemirani and his staff made me feel at ease.  A week prior to my surgery they gave me a pre-operation kit which included: gauze, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, saline spray, cotton swabs, and a special shampoo I needed to wash with prior to my rhinoplasty procedure. The kit also included a step by step guide on how to prepare and what to expect after the procedure. They focused heavily on the use of arnica tablets to diminish any chances bruising..(I am so glad I listened to them, I only had ONE minor bruise)

I had many questions as I was extremely nervous but during my pre-op consultation all of my questions were answered. They explained every step of the procedure in detail. Dr. Shemirani was attentive of me during my recovery, he would check up on me periodically to make sure I was doing well. During my recovery I didn’t experience any pain whosoever, only minor discomfort which was normal. I was back to work in a week. I am completely satisfied with his work, he is a true genius. I am now 2 months post op and I feel great. My breathing has improved tremendously and the overall appearance of my nose is natural and fitting.. It’s everything I ever wished for! Thank you Dr. Shemirani and staff for taking such good care of me. You guys rock!!” – Monica S. (YELP)

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