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We have all heard about celebrities who claim to have suffered from a deviated septum in order to “cover” the fact that they had a nose job for purely aesthetic reasons. . .“not that there is anything wrong with that!” However, a deviated septum is a very real, and often debilitating, condition that can severely affect your ability to breathe and adversely impact your quality of life. A deviated septum can result in reduced stamina when exercising, sleep apnea, increased risk for heart attacks and even strokes. Snoring is just the “tip” of this rather unpleasant deviated septum iceberg.

The septum, the piece of cartilage that divides the nose down the middle, oftentimes is not straight, causing breathing problems out of the narrowed side. Sometimes, particularly unfortunate Beverly Hills patients suffer with an “S” shaped septum, leading to difficulty breathing through both nostrils. In either event, most patients who have been suffering with a deviated septum have been doing so for years and come to us in desperate need of some relief.

When you consult with Dr. Nima regarding a deviated septum, the first thing he will do is examine the internal structure of your nose to determine if that is, indeed, your issue. The exam is a painless process which takes less than a minute and simply involves looking inside your nose to assess the septum. For those Beverly Hills patients who do suffer from a deviated septum, during this initial meeting, Dr. Nima will carefully review your options with you and work with you to develop a plan to correct the problem, which is usually covered by insurance.

EnhanceDuring the procedure known as Septoplasty, Doctor Nima makes a small incision inside the nose resulting in no visible scar. The deviated portion of the cartilage is isolated and either removed or shifted back into place to correct the breathing problems. Dissolvable sutures are used, and there is no uncomfortable nasal packing afterwards.

Occasionally, patients may wish to combine a Rhinoplasty procedure with a Septoplasty as long as they are already undergoing surgery. Dr. Nima will consult with you to determine if such combination is advisable. Please check out our pages on the various Rhinoplasty procedures for further information.

After surgery, you should immediately enjoy easier breathing through your nose, better and sounder sleep and improved stamina. Of course, if you should have any should have post-operative concerns, we welcome a return visit.

For more information on septoplasty or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nima, contact his office in Beverly Hills at (310) 220-4726.


“I was extremely skeptical about getting rhinoplasty because I knew several people that did not have great results from other doctors. Although, Nima Shemirani had my full attention when he completely transformed my sisters nose (It looks amazingly great on her).

I had a deviated septum and my nose was slightly slanted. He straightened my nose and my breathing is wonderful now. He also picked up the tip because when I used to smile, it would just hang.

Aside from being talented in his work, he is genuine and very friendly. Makes you feel comfortable and always has a welcoming smile. He listens to you and treats you like a friend, which makes you feel completely comfortable.

Overall all the staff is wonderful.

If you are thinking about improving something, I can definitely vouch for his results living up to expectations.” –Saray P. (yelp)

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