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scar revision
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“Our scars remind us that our past is real” but sometimes we can do with a much smaller dose of reality. Beverly Hills patients seeking scar revision surgery typically are unhappy with the way a prior wound has healed.

The goal of scar revision surgery is to improve the appearance of a scar as much as possible.

When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Nima will carefully examine the scar and discuss the various procedures available to reduce its appearance, including:

  •  Hiding it in a natural wrinkle
  • Changing the orientation of the scar
    Modifying the scar from a straight line to an irregular line (so that it blends in, rendering it less noticeable)
  • Excising the old scar and bringing the edges back together cleanly

Together, you will determine the best approach, setting reasonable expectations for what a revision procedure can achieve. We will also go over the potential for obtaining insurance coverage for the recommended procedure.

EnhanceScar revision surgery is a procedure Dr. Nima typically performs in-office using local anesthesia. When completed, you will have some stitches but no discomfort. We will direct you to apply antibiotic treatment to the wound twice a day until the stitches come out. In some circumstances, we will recommend wearing a small bandage for a week to eliminate any tension so that the wound heals well and quickly.

Sustain EOS RejuvenationFollowing the procedure, we encourage you to wear silicone sheets or silicone gel to aid in the healing process. Although there is no one magic cream that has been scientifically proven to reduce scarring, silicone gel and sheets are the only treatment which has been shown to reduce keloid scars. Additionally, SPF sunscreen should be worn religiously to further protect the skin and preserve the results.

Dr. Nima has been helping many patients in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas to treat scars effectively. Contact our office in Beverly Hills to schedule your scar revision consultation at (310) 772-2866.


“Dear Dr. Shemirani, I’m sending you this photo as our own personal “success” story for M, who you will remember from the ER in October 2010. At that time, her field hockey season would end 3 weeks prematurely due to the moderate concussion and laceration to her forehead that she received in a game that Friday evening. Well, here she is with her team this Thanksgiving at a national tournament in Arizona where they went on to receive the gold medal! Of course when we speak about the accident and how far she has come in the past year from that setback, many people comment that they don’t even notice the 2 inch scar on her forehead and cannot believe the extent of the injury when Megan shares her accident photos with them. The luckiest part of that night was having you as her plastic surgeon. The professionalism you exhibited along with the way you took the time to explain to us in layman’s terms the suturing process and expected outcome made us so comfortable. You are an artist in your craft and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Many thanks again!” – Lisa F., Metuchen, NJ (Yelp)

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