Do you have asymmetrical, overly large, or very wide nostrils? At Eos Rejuvenation, Dr. Nima specializes in alarplasty, otherwise known as nostril reduction surgery. Using the latest alar base reduction techniques, he can delicately contour and sculpt your nostrils, creating a shape that harmonizes with the rest of your natural appearance. Learn more about getting alarplasty in Beverly Hills, California, including its benefits, what happens during surgery, alarplasty recovery, and more.

What Is Alarplasty?

At our practice in Beverly Hills Alarplasty, sometimes referred to as nostril reduction surgery or alar base reduction, is a precise procedure that involves reshaping and narrowing the appearance of your alar base (lower part of your nose). It is often used to improve symmetry, as one nostril can sometimes be wider or more flared than the other.

In some cases, alarplasty may also include adjusting your nasal tip for a well-rounded appearance, but the bridge of your nose is left completely untouched.

Benefits of Nostril Reduction Surgery

There are many benefits to getting nostril reduction surgery—beyond the cosmetic advantages that you may be more familiar with.

Improved Appearance – Achieve more symmetrical nostrils and better facial balance with alarplasty.
Better Functionality – If uneven nostrils or nasal obstruction compromises your breathing, alarplasty can address these issues for improved functionality.
Less Invasive – Compared to other rhinoplasty procedures, nostril reduction surgery is generally less invasive, as it usually only requires a small incision along the nasal base.
Easier Recovery – Considering alarplasty is less invasive, you can expect an easier and faster recovery.
Highly-Personalized Procedure – Dr. Nima is committed to delivering the best possible results, which is why your alarplasty procedure is completely customized to your unique goals and cosmetic desires.

Alarplasty Process

If you are exploring your alarplasty options in Beverly Hills, learn more about Dr. Nima’s nostril reduction surgery process at Eos Rejuvenation. From preparation to the day of surgery, recovery, and beyond, here’s what you can expect.


Leading up to your alarplasty, Dr. Nima and his team will send you a preparation guide detailing what you must do before your procedure, as well as steps you should take to foster optimal surgery and recovery.

This will include instructions such as halting all eating and drinking in preparation your procedure, avoiding all alcohol and nicotine products, and adopting a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.


Alar base reduction surgery is a relatively quick and easy procedure. Generally, it is performed under general or localized anesthesia; Dr. Nima will help you determine which is right for you before your procedure.

During an alarplasty Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Nima, will make a small incision along your nostrils’ natural crease—this minimizes any potential scarring. Then, he will remove a small wedge of tissue from your nostril wall, sculpting and shaping your nose based on your individual needs. To wrap up your surgery, Dr. Nima will close your incisions and reattach your nostrils to your nasal base.

Alarplasty Recovery

Recovery following nostril reduction surgery is relatively straightforward. You may experience bruising, swelling, and tenderness around the surgical site, as well as some bleeding around your incisions—this is normal and should subside in the week after your surgery.

If you have any sutures, nasal packing, or bandages, these will be removed at your one-week follow-up appointment. Dr. Nima recommends his alarplasty patients take off one week from work for their recovery. Most patients resume their daily routine one to two weeks following their procedure.

Alarplasty Results

Long-term nasal swelling is common after any type of nose surgery, which can last up to six months, but you should see your alarplasty results immediately after your procedure. Your final results may take a few months to fully appear.

Who Is Alarplasty Right For?

Alarplasty is ideal for patients who are unhappy with the shape or width of their nostrils. If you have nostrils that are “too wide” or a nasal base that doesn’t quite harmonize with your other facial features, Dr. Nima can contour your nostrils to elevate your appearance and help you feel your best.

Choose Dr. Nima For Alarplasty in Beverly Hills

Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Nima excels in all areas of rhinoplasty and nasal procedures. When you need a trusted provider who has years of experience, countless patient testimonials, and a certified surgical center, choose Eos Rejuvenation for your alarplasty in Beverly Hills, California. Contact us to schedule a consultation.