The Ideal Candidate For Earlobe Repair

Do you tend to hide your ears due to large or “gauged” earring holes, torn ear lobes or unsightly lobe creases? You aren’t alone.

Many Beverly Hills residents feel self-conscious about their ear lobe appearance but are afraid to do anything about it or simply unaware that anything can be done. So their favorite earrings sit in a drawer unworn, and they avoid wearing their hair up or pulling it back in a simple ponytail. But Earlobe Repair is a relatively simple and painless procedure that can be performed in our office under local anesthetic in about an hour!

We have also found an increased interest in the repair of gauged ears. Gauged ears stretch the skin to leave the earlobes looking larger. Many Beverly Hills patients inquire about repairing them before they enter the military or seek a profession that requires their repair.

Earlobe Repair Photos

Dr. Nima’s Approach To Earlobe Repair

At your consultation, Dr. Nima will examine your earlobes and discuss the procedures he recommends to address your particular issues. If you are eager to move forward, we can even perform your Earlobe Repair the same day, time permitting!

The procedure itself, takes only about 30 minutes per ear, using a local anesthetic. We only use clear stitches so that your post-operative recovery is less visible to others. Additionally, we employ a special technique that breaks up the incision line leaving a barely visible scar.

For gauged earlobes, a portion of the skin is removed, and the edges of the skin are sutured together. It takes careful planning for a natural-looking result.

The post-operative care is minimal. Since there is little to no pain associated with the procedure, Tylenol is usually enough to treat any discomfort. In addition, any swelling is not significant enough to be noticeable to the untrained eye. We do advise that you apply antibiotic ointment to the incisions to keep them moist for optimal healing.

When Can I Re-Pierce My Ears?

This is a very common question; ideally, we would like you to wait 6-8 weeks to allow sufficient time to heal. And, if you are hesitant about having anyone else touch your “new” lobes, we can re-pierce your ears for you in the safety and comfort of our offices under a local anesthetic. We will have you wearing your favorite earrings again in no time!

For more information on earlobe repair or to schedule a consultation, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 772-2866.