Are you tired of constantly lifting your eyebrows to see better or having baggy, puffy lower eyelids that make you look exhausted? 

At Eos Rejuvenation, Dr. Nima specializes in upper and lower eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills. Whether you have “hooded” eyelids or constant under eye bags, Dr. Nima can delicately remove excess skin from your upper eyelid or shift fat from the lower eyelids to revitalize your appearance. 

The Benefits of a Blepharoplasty 

There are many benefits to choosing Dr. Nima for your eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills, including: 

Natural-Looking Results – Over the years, Dr. Nima has fine-tuned this procedure and has the skills and experience to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. 

Youthful Appearance – Addressing your tired, exhausted appearance caused by hooded upper eyelids and bulging lower eyelids results in a more youthful, energized look. 

Increased Confidence – When you look good, you feel good. Dr. Nima can treat your eyelid concerns through personalized blepharoplasty, increasing your self-confidence. 

Look natural

Youthful Appearance

Am I a Good Candidate? 

It is Generally Great For 

If you are considering blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills, this procedure is right for you if: 

  • You have heavy, “hooded” eyelids that affect your vision. 
  • You have bulging lower eyelids that give the appearance of constant under eye bags. 
  • You have a tired, aged complexion due to droopy or sagging eyelids. 
  • You wish to rejuvenate your eyes and achieve a more youthful look.
  • You are generally healthy with no medical conditions that may affect your healing. 
  • You have a healthy outlook and realistic expectations for your procedure. 

It is Not So Good For 

This procedure is not right for everyone. Blepharoplasty may not be ideal for you if: 

  • You are a regular smoker and are not willing to quit for a prolonged period of time.
  • You have chronic dry, itchy, irritated eyes. 
  • You have had eye surgery such as LASIK within the last six months. 
  • You are not healthy enough for surgery. 
  • You have a serious eye condition that could affect your procedure outcome. 

How Old Do I Have to Be?

Dr. Nima recommends waiting until you are eighteen to receive a blepharoplasty. However, most patients tend to be a bit older and have already started to experience signs of aging around the eyes, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Before and After – Results

Dr. Nima has performed countless blepharoplasties on patients throughout Beverly Hills and beyond. Take a look at these before and after photos to see how he can transform and improve your appearance with this highly customized facial plastic surgery procedure. 

Lower Blepharoplasty Photos

Upper Blepharoplasty Photos

The Procedure Process Explained

Blepharoplasty is a highly personalized procedure. To ensure you benefit from the best results possible, Dr. Nima and his team follow a patient-first process that includes an initial in-depth consultation, a detailed preparation plan, comprehensive surgery, and a comfortable recovery phase. 

The Consultation 

Your initial consultation with Dr. Nima is the first step to receiving beautiful, transformational results with your blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills. 

You and Dr. Nima will discuss your medical history, aesthetic goals, and procedure outcome expectations at your consultation. He will also perform a careful eyelid evaluation to understand what steps to take during your procedure to deliver optimal results. 

Additionally, it is important to address your concerns and questions before scheduling your procedure to ensure you feel comfortable and confident moving forward with blepharoplasty at Eos Rejuvenation. 

What Should I Do in Preparation?

Before your blepharoplasty Beverly Hills surgeons at Eos Rejuvenation will provide you with a detailed list of instructions to follow in preparation for your procedure. 

What is Surgery Like? 

Your procedure depends on what type of eyelid surgery you and Dr. Nima have chosen based on your individual aesthetic goals and desires. Both types of eyelid surgery are outpatient procedures performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation, administered before surgery to ensure your comfort. 

If you are having upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Nima will make a small incision along the natural folds of your eyelid, which hides any potential scarring. Then, he will delicately remove excess skin and fat to correct and address “hooded” or drooping eyelids. Dr. Nima may also tighten your eyelid muscle depending on your aesthetic goals.

If you and Dr. Nima have chosen lower eyelid surgery, he will make a small incision on the inside of your lower eyelid. Then, based on your facial plastic surgery treatment plan, he will reposition the fat, remove excess skin, perform a fat transfer, and/or tighten the eyelid muscle to deliver optimal results. 

What Should I Expect in Terms of Recovery?

Your blepharoplasty recovery period will be quite short, with minimal care required. After a blepharoplasty Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nima, may lubricate your eyes and apply a bandage to foster optimal healing. 

It is normal for your eyelids to feel sore and tight afterward. You may experience some bruising, swelling, minor pain, and discomfort, which you can manage with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication and cold compresses. 

After the first week of recovery, you may return to Dr. Nima for a follow-up appointment, where he will remove your sutures and evaluate your healing progress. 

Types Of Eyelid Surgery

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower Eyelid Surgery, or Lower Blepharoplasty (removal of excess fat and tightening of the skin), can dramatically minimize the appearance of baggy and puffy lower eyelids that make you look exhausted and worn-out appearance and contribute to those dark circles that no amount of make-up can hide. It is no surprise that Beverly Hills men are as much a fan of this procedure as women.

The most important element in successful Lower Eyelid Surgery is knowing exactly how much fat and/or skin needs to be removed. During your consultation, Dr. Nima will carefully evaluate your lower eyelid and thoroughly explain what can be achieved for you with lower eyelid surgery.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Our goal with Upper Blepharoplasty, one of the most routine of all cosmetic facial procedures, is to “reclaim” your youthful eyes by removing excess skin and fat with great precision, creating smoother, tighter skin around the eyes that looks completely natural and literally rejuvenates your entire face!

When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Nima will take time to evaluate the skin around your eyes and thoroughly discuss your goals and expectations for the surgery. He will advise you whether skin as well as fat should be removed and whether any other procedures are more appropriate. It is important to Dr. Nima that all your questions and concerns are completely addressed before proceeding so that you feel completely at ease with undergoing the procedure.

Board certified plastic surgeon

Dr. Nima was honored in the Real Self Top 100 and 500 lists for seven consecutive years and is ranked among the top 1% of his 20,000-member doctor community. He has dedicated his career to the beauty and art of facial aesthetics, and has changed the lives of countless facial rejuvenation patients, consistently producing long-lasting and stunning facelift results.

Other Things to Consider Before Getting a Blepharoplasty

Are There Any Risks Involved? 

As with any surgery, there are risks involved with blepharoplasty, including bleeding, infection, scarring, irritation, dry eyes, difficulty closing the eyes, eyelid problems, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. 

You can mitigate these risks by choosing an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Nima. 

Will I Need to Request Extensive Time Off From Work?

Dr. Nima recommends taking at least one week off from work to prioritize your recovery. Most blepharoplasty patients return to their daily routine within ten to fourteen days, depending on their healing progress. 

How Long Will My Results Last? 

While the longevity of results varies between upper and lower eyelid surgery, you can expect your blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills to produce long-lasting results

To prolong your youthful, refreshed look, Dr. Nima recommends protecting the eyes from the sun, drinking plenty of water, eating a nutritious diet, avoiding all nicotine products, and following an aesthetician-recommended skincare regimen that hydrates and nourishes the skin. 

Additionally, you can implement non-surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers and injectables, to extend your blepharoplasty results. Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers can plump the areas around the eyes to improve lines and fill hollow circles, while injectables like Botox® can improve crow’s feet. 

Is Blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills Really Worth it?

We often hear that our Beverly Hills blepharoplasty patients feel like new people after their procedure, as they achieve a refreshed appearance and embrace their inner confidence. If you feel self-conscious about your eyelids or they affect your vision, blepharoplasty is an effective treatment option that will undoubtedly increase your quality of life. 

Why Choose Dr. Nima 

State-of-the-Art Facility and Advanced Technology 

At Eos Rejuvenation, you can expect kind, compassionate, and personalized care in a setting that is second to none. Our luxurious practice and state-of-the-art surgical facility is fully accredited, JCAHO and Medicare certified, and equipped with the latest aesthetic technology to provide a safe and comfortable experience. 

Our advanced facial morphing and 3D imaging system brings the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” to life. These innovative tools allow Dr. Nima to explore possible aesthetic outcomes and set appropriate expectations for every procedure. 

Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Nima is a renowned double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin Otolaryngology Residency and completed a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Glasgold Group in New Jersey, where he trained with some of the most prestigious plastic surgeons in the world. 

He is also the recipient of multiple awards, lectures at esteemed educational institutions, and speaks at both regional and national medical meetings where physicians come from all over the world to hear his forward-thinking ideas on facial plastic surgery. 

Personal Approach 

Dr. Nima is dedicated to serving you with the highest level of care and service. He understands that your case is unique and takes the time to develop a highly personalized approach that considers not only your aesthetic concerns but also your personality, sensitivities, and concerns. From start to finish, Dr. Nima works hard to ensure you feel safe, heard, and nurtured throughout your facial plastic surgery journey. 

Thousands of Happy Patients 

After nearly two decades of working as a facial plastic surgeon and performing over 8,000 surgeries, he has mastered the art of facial aesthetics and devoted his life to helping patients feel like their most beautiful selves through individualized treatment. His reputation as a distinguished facial plastic surgeon makes him a clear choice for individuals in Beverly Hills and beyond, which is why he has thousands of satisfied patients who have trusted his skilled hands to give them natural-looking results. 

To schedule your blepharoplasty consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 772-2866.