“Your face tells the story of your life,” but some of us would rather not have the tale of our passing years etched across it. A sagging jawline, a sunken cheek, and a loose-skinned neck, can cause our outward appearance to clash with our inner youth and vibrancy. A carefully planned and meticulously executed Facelift that achieves a natural-looking result without the telltale signs of surgery is our goal at Eos Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills. We want to restore your inner beauty to its proper place, where the world can see it, on your healthy and refreshed face!

What parts of the face does a Facelift correct?

Facelift surgery mainly focuses on rejuvenating the lower part of the face, including the cheeks, jawline, and neck. In some instances, a facelift may be combined with other cosmetic surgeries such as brow lift and eyelid surgery that address the upper part of the face. A facelift can help correct parts of the face, such as jowls that have developed in the cheeks and jaw and loose skin and excess fat in the neck region, also known as a double chin or turkey neck. A facelift may also help address loss of volume in the face and any sections where relaxation of the skin has caused sagging.

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Is the procedure right for you?

Dr. Nima will take the necessary time during your initial consultation to carefully evaluate your areas of concern, answer your questions, and discuss realistic results. He will collaborate with you on developing an overall plan for your facial rejuvenation. Managing our Beverly Hills patients expectations is a priority at Eos Rejuvenation. For example, though a facelift will smooth the contour of the jawline and tighten the neck, this procedure is not particularly effective in reducing smile or lip lines. Dr. Nima will recommend alternative means of addressing those issues which a Facelift will not. Our ultimate goal is providing an overall refreshed look that appears completely natural without the “pulled” surgery look.

When you decide to proceed with a facelift, we will have you return for a second, pre-op visit where we will carefully walk you through surgical preparation and what to expect on both the day of surgery and during the recovery. Before you leave, Dr. Nima will make sure that he has addressed any lingering questions or concerns that you may have. Putting you completely at ease before proceeding is a top priority.

“Dr. Nima and his staff went above and beyond!! I’ve received so many compliments..all thanks to Dr. Nima and his staff. I’d highly recommend them to friends and family and will definitely be going back.”

Emily P.

What is the recovery from facelift like?

On the day of the surgery, you will be given a sedative to relax you and prepare you for the procedure. The actual surgery can be performed as an outpatient under IV (intravenous) sedation. You will be comfortably asleep throughout the procedure.

Dr. Nima has spent many years perfecting and fine tuning his surgical technique so that he is able to suspend and tighten sagging muscle and fat pads with minimal tugging on the skin. Because of this, he is able to achieve a long-lasting correction of the jawline and neck which looks completely natural. He precisely and artfully places the incisions, employing his “no-skin-tension” technique, to render the incisions virtually invisible.

You will be able to go home the day of the surgery after a brief stop in our comfortable recovery rooms. Beverly Hills patients do not typically report pain, just some mild discomfort. Ice packs should be placed on your face – 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off – to reduce swelling. You will have our emergency phone number should any questions or concerns come up.

Plan on returning to our offices the following day for a check-up by Dr. Nima. Your sutures will be removed seven days, post-op. At that point, you can expect to resume normal activity, including beginning to exercise.

Following your facelift, we recommend that you keep up an effective skincare regimen. Maintaining great skin will highlight your results, and keep you looking fresh and youthful. Be sure to speak with our Aesthetician about the best products to keep your skin taut and moisturized.

Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a Facelift improve the appearance of sagging cheeks and jowls?

    A facelift can improve the appearance of sagging cheeks and jowls, along with many other visible signs of aging on the neck and lower part of the face. As people become older, facial tissue gradually loses volume, and skin loses elasticity and collagen as part of the natural aging process. This can lead to the development of deep wrinkles and loose skin on the lower part of the face and neck.

    Facelift surgery in Beverly Hills can help patients achieve a more youthful appearance by smoothing deep folds, removing sagging skin, and by tightening loose facial tissue. A facelift can help patients feel younger and more confident as they continue to age.

  • What are the different Facelift techniques?

    A facelift can be performed based on the patient’s unique needs and desires for facial rejuvenation. A mini-facelift can address mild cases of sagging skin and jowls by tightening facial tissue. A standard facelift is often used to address moderate to advanced signs of aging and may involve more extensive surgical techniques such as repositioning of deeper facial tissue and the removal of excess, sagging skin.

    A facelift in Beverly Hills with Dr. Nima is preceded by a personalized consultation, during which patients can share their concerns about their facial appearances. During the initial consultation, Dr. Nima can recommend the best facelift procedure for the patient and discuss realistic results.

  • How can a Facelift restore my youthful appearance?

    A facelift removes and tightens excess, sagging skin on the lower part of the face to help Beverly Hills patients achieve a more youthful, energetic, and rejuvenated appearance. Loose skin, deep folds, and sagging along the cheeks and jowls can cause patients to feel and look older and may negatively impact their confidence and self-esteem. A facelift not only helps restore a youthful physical appearance but can often create a positive halo effect that boosts confidence and vitality for these individuals.

    During a facelift, a series of tiny incisions are made along the hairline and around the ears. Dr. Nima then separates the skin from the underlying tissue and muscles and repositions facial tissue to eliminate jowls and tighten the skin. Excess skin along the cheeks and jowls is removed and pulled tightly to produce a smoother, more youthful contour that looks completely natural.  Dr. Nima uses the most advanced deep plane facelift techniques. He is able to full release the skin and redrape it to look more natural without the telltale signs of a pulled look.

  • How natural will my results look after a Facelift?

    A facelift can help patients achieve a natural-looking appearance that can be maintained for years to come throughout the aging process. Facelift surgery in Beverly Hills can produce natural results without an overly, and obvious, tight, “pulled” look. The placement of tiny incisions along the hairline are made nearly invisible so nobody can tell that patients have undergone a cosmetic procedure.

    The results of a facelift can be maintained by practicing healthy lifestyle behaviors, such as exercising regularly to prevent excess weight gain and protecting skin from the sun to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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