Jowls, wrinkles, and loose, sagging skin can make men feel and look older than they are, significantly affecting their confidence and self-esteem. Facelift surgery in Beverly Hills can rejuvenate a man’s overall appearance, helping him look friendlier and more approachable. A facelift for men can be effective at redefining the profile, highlighting strong features, and contributing to a more youthful appearance.

Men have different facial features and structures than women and have unique needs when it comes to facelift surgery. Finding a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has experience performing facelifts for men is critical to achieving desired results.

The Benefits of A Facelift For Men

A facelift for men focuses on improving signs of aging like sagging skin and jowls in the zone between the cheeks and neck. Sometimes a facelift is combined with other cosmetic procedures, such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery that can improve the appearance of a sagging brow and drooping eyelids. Before facelift surgery, patients have an initial consultation with Dr. Nima to discuss what they hope to accomplish with cosmetic surgery. Dr. Nima will make sure patients have realistic expectations when it comes to final results and may even suggest alternate or additional procedures that can rejuvenate their entire appearance.

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Is the procedure right for you?

A facelift for men is performed as an outpatient service at Dr. Nima’s rejuvenation practice in Beverly Hills. Patients are sedated so they can sleep comfortably during their facelift procedures. During a facelift, Dr. Nima makes incisions along the hairline at the temples that continue around the ear and end in the lower scalp. Next, he tightens sagging muscle, trims away excess skin, and reshapes the underlying tissue to enhance and rejuvenate the face.

Common concerns among men who have facelift surgery include having results that look artificial or ending up with a more feminine appearance. Dr. Nima is skilled at helping men maintain their strong, masculine features, and producing a natural look accentuated by enhanced contours and definition. Incisions made during a facelift for men are also carefully placed where scarring won’t be obvious, which is highly important considering it’s often easier for women to hide scarring under makeup and hair than it is for men.

Men who undergo facelift surgery must adhere closely to Dr. Nima’s post-op instructions to reduce their risk for rare complications, such as bleeding  and fluid collections.. Men tend to have thicker skin than women, which puts them at higher risk for these side effects.

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What is the recovery from the procedure like?

Facelift surgery for men at Dr. Nima’s Beverly Hills clinic is minimally invasive and results in minimal post-operative pain and downtime. Patients can go home on the same day of their facelifts without overnight hospitalization and may only experience mild discomfort.

On the seventh day following facelift surgery, patients can return to Dr. Nima’s practice to have their sutures removed, after which point, they can resume normal activities, including exercise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and practicing a good skin care regimen can help prolong the results of a facelift.

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Facelift for Men Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can men get a Facelift without demasculinizing their facial features?

    Losing their strong, masculine facial features is a common concern among men who decide to have facelift surgery. Beverly Hills men have a far different facial structure than women—meaning men who want to maintain their masculinity with a facelift must choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience performing this procedure on men.

    A facelift for men focuses on improving common signs of aging, such as jowls and loose, sagging skin in the lower part of the face. Dr. Nima can help rejuvenate and refresh a man’s appearance with facelift surgery, while naturally enhancing and pronouncing their strong, masculine features.

  • How does a woman's Facelift differ in technique than a Facelift for men?

    Beverly Hills men tend to seek sharper, more defined facial features along the jawline and neck compared to women, who prefer softer features. Therefore, the goal of a facelift for men is to produce a stronger chin, a more contoured neck, and a more defined jawline.

    Men also tend to have thicker skin and more fibrous fat than women, meaning men may not benefit as much from liposuction, which is commonly used to remove excess fat in many facelift procedures for women. Plastic surgeons who perform a facelift for men will also strategically hide incisions in places where they won’t cause excessive visible scarring since men tend to have shorter hair and are more likely to lose hair later in life.

  • How long after a Facelift can a man shave his face?

    Most Beverly Hills men who have facelift surgery can resume shaving their faces between 7 and 14 days after their procedures, or after sutures have been removed. By this time, enough healing should have taken place to prevent shaving from pulling the skin and interfering with the healing process.

    Some men find that they must modify their shaving routines after having a facelift. The pulling and reshaping of skin during a facelift for men can cause hairy patches of skin to reposition behind the ears or back of the neck. Men who find shaving problematic after a facelift can consult with their plastic surgeons to discuss laser hair removal treatment options.

  • What are the most common reasons that men are seeking a Facelift?

    Men seek facelift surgery for many of the same reasons as women such as to reverse signs of aging on the face and to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Additional reasons men may seek a facelift include the restoring of masculinity to the face and staying competitive in the dating and workplace environments.

    Aside from a facelift for men, other cosmetic procedures popular among this gender include eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, neck lift surgery, dermal fillers, and injectables. Ideal male candidates for a facelift don’t smoke, are in generally good health, and who have realistic expectations about the outcome of their facelift procedures.

  • How long after a Facelift will a man be able to return to work?

    Most men who have facelift surgery can return to work at around the two-week mark after their procedures. However, a facelift for men performed by Dr. Nima in Beverly Hills offers a shorter recovery period of about seven days.

    Men who have their facelifts performed by Dr. Nima at Eos Rejuvenation can return to the surgery center seven days after their procedures to have their sutures removed. At this time, men can resume their normal daily routines, including going back to work and exercising. However, the recovery time from a facelift for men may vary depending on the patient’s overall health and healing progress.

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