Are you one of those Beverly Hills patients who is basically fit and at a normal body weight but still suffers from a stubborn double chin? Then, Facial Liposuction may be the ideal procedure for you.

This cosmetic procedure can be performed in under an hour with minimal discomfort and downtime. And, though often performed along with other procedures like a facelift, facial liposuction is more and more becoming a popular and effective “stand-alone” rejuvenation procedure.

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The Facial Liposuction Process With Dr. Nima

Dr. Nima will meet with you for an initial consultation to evaluate whether you are a good candidate for Facial Liposuction. Because optimal results are dependent on the condition of your skin, we will recommend a skin care treatment with our aesthetician before proceeding.

Facial Liposuction is a relatively brief procedure that usually takes less than an hour to complete under light anesthesia. Dr. Nima performs pinpoint incisions which require minimal suturing, resulting in no visible scarring. Incisions are carefully placed under each earlobe and one within a natural crease under the chin. Fat is quickly and efficiently removed through these incisions.

You can expect a rapid recovery after Facial Liposuction with little discomfort. We may send you home with a small bandage which can be removed the next day. Although some moderate swelling may occur, the majority of it will resolve in 1-2 weeks.

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Maintain your youthful looks and keep aging at bay with the help of a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Nima Shemirani has performed over 6000 facial procedures in the heart of Beverly Hills. When it comes to your face, you deserve only the best. Schedule a consultation today to see if your desired procedure is right for you.

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