Close Up of Mature Male SmilingWhen we hear “cosmetic procedures,” we have been programmed to think automatically of women. Magazines, talk shows, radio programs, websites and books all highlight options for, and testimonials from, the “fairer” sex.

But what about the other 50% of the population? Although society has longed deemed the signs of aging on men to be “sexy,” more and more of our male counterparts are opting to erase these signs and embrace maintaining a more youthful appearance. Unfortunately, most men feel like they are “second-class citizens” when it comes to cosmetic procedures because the literature and media tend to focus almost exclusively on women.

For men, we create a more angular appearance with more straight lines and hard edges compared to women. This can include sculpting cheekbones and defining jawlines for a strong masculine look. It is completely different than the approach for women, so you should see an expert who understands this distinction.

Here at Eos Rejuvenation, we enthusiastically welcome our Beverly Hills male patients and offer a vast array of procedures that can be customized just for them:

We believe that a healthy, youthful appearance should have no gender boundaries and encourage all the men out there contemplating a “change” to make an appointment with us today. Contact our office in Beverly Hills for an appointment at (310) 772-2866.