Non-Surgical Fat Reduction of The Neck

Kybella Before and After Patient AAll that photo-editing software on our computers is a miracle. A few clicks of the mouse and we morph into perfect, 2-dimensional “10’s.” Our 3-dimensional selves, however, lag far behind. Wishing for a real-world “flaw” eraser remains just a wish. Kybella®, an injectable liquid to reduce fat around the chin, just may be the realization of that wish.

Kybella® is the only non-surgical, FDA approved medication for fat reduction. In addition to reducing the appearance of troublesome double chins, Kybella® also tightens the neck skin left behind. After Kybella® has completed its mission in 4-6 weeks, the results are pleasingly permanent.

Beverly Hills patients will want to set aside time for Kybella® treatments. The 2-3 sessions Kybella® necessitates, are generally coupled with a week or two of swelling and – Very occasionally – bruising.

Compared to the intrusiveness of liposuction, Kybella® really does seem like the real-life equivalent of photoshop!

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