What is a chin augmentation surgery?

The facial plastic surgery procedure that has been gaining the most attention lately has been chin augmentation. Beverly Hills patients have been looking to strengthen their chin in order to balance out the rest of their face.

A small incision is made underneath the chin within a natural fold. When the scar heals, it is practically invisible, or a very fine line. A chin implant that is made out of surgical grade material is fitted for your face and placed on top of the bone that makes up your chin. It is held in place with semi-permanent sutures, which dissolve over six months. A small bandage is applied and you get to go home the same day.

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benefits of a chin augmentation surgery

A natural looking result with a more defined chin and jawline is the goal with chin augmentation surgery. From both the frontal and side views, the difference is subtle yet effective. It can make Beverly Hills men look more masculine and women look more proportional. When combined with a rhinoplasty, both results are enhanced more than either procedure alone.

The chin implants used during chin augmentation can improve the contours and definition of the chin, neck, and jawline. A chin implant can bring greater balance to the overall facial profile to make the jawline stand out and improve its appearance. The appearance of the jawline can be further improved using a neck lift or liposuction—both of which can address jowls, along with excess fat and skin to improve the angle of the neck and jawline.

Those who wish to improve their jawlines can schedule a consultation with Dr. Nima in Beverly Hills to discuss all their available cosmetic options for chin enhancement, including chin augmentation, liposuction, and neck lift surgery.

Is a Chin Augmentation Right for you?

Pictures are taken and Dr. Shemirani will examine you to see what would be the ideal implant to fit your face and its proportions. At the same time, if you have any excess fat underneath your chin, this can be addressed at the same time. Removing the fat from underneath the chin will also enhance the results of your procedure. Finally, we can morph your photos to show you what you can look like with your new chin.

“Dr. Nima and his staff went above and beyond!! I’ve received so many compliments..all thanks to Dr. Nima and his staff. I’d highly recommend them to friends and family and will definitely be going back.”

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What is the Recovery from a Chin Augmentation Surgery like?

There is some swelling and possible bruising which can last between 1-2 weeks. After chin augmentation, ice is placed over the area to keep the swelling down, and the sutures are removed after one week. If you have any important events, it is best to allow 2 weeks for the area to heal.

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What are the risks of chin implant surgery?

The risks include infection, bruising, asymmetry, numbness which is usually temporary, and possible movement of the implant. To minimize movement of the implant, a soft diet without much chewing is recommended for the first week.

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Chin Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the incisions made for a Chin Implant?

    Chin augmentation in Beverly Hills is performed in a careful, precise way to minimize scarring as much as possible and to help patients achieve the most natural-looking results. Incisions for a chin implant are usually made underneath the chin or inside the mouth where they cannot be easily seen.

    At Eos Rejuvenation, incisions for chin implants are made underneath the chin within a natural fold. This results in scarring in the form of a thin, fine line that becomes practically invisible after full healing takes place. Chin implants are held in place with semi-permanent sutures that naturally dissolve on their own over the course of six months.

  • Will I eventually have to replace my Chin Implant?

    Chin implants are made out of solid materials like silicone that won’t leak, degrade, or break down in ways that require replacement. Having chin augmentation performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon can help ensure the chin implants used are of high-grade surgical materials. Most Beverly Hills patients who undergo chin augmentation receive chin implants that last a lifetime.

    A chin implant may only require replacing if the device sustains damage such as that caused by an auto accident or another trauma. A chin implant may also be replaced if the patient decides to further augment the chin’s appearance using an implant that is larger or shaped differently.

  • What are my options for a Chin Augmentation?

    A chin augmentation can be performed to improve the appearance of a weak, recessed chin, or to make the face look more balanced and proportioned. A chin augmentation can also improve definition of the neck and jawline and reduce the appearance of a prominent double chin caused by having a small chin bone.

    Many Beverly Hills patients who choose chin augmentation decide to pair their procedures with rhinoplasty and or liposuction to enhance their overall results. Rhinoplasty paired with chin augmentation can improve balance in the entire face, while liposuction on the neck can reduce the amount of excess fat along the jawline to further improve definition.

  • How can a Chin Augmentation balance my facial profile?

    A small, underdefined chin can often contribute to a disproportionate and imbalanced facial profile. For instance, a small chin can make the neck look taller and higher, while a receding chin can make the nose look larger. Chin augmentation adds more volume to the chin to make other features on the face look more proportionate and properly balanced.

    Chin augmentation procedures are preceded by a consultation, where patients can discuss their ideal expectations for chin implants with their plastic surgeons. Additional cosmetic procedures may also be recommended for those who want to enhance other facial features at the same time as their chins.

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