No Scalpel, No Anesthesia, No Downtime. There’s no denying the sex appeal of a curvaceous frame and flawlessly sculpted derrière. However, where the gym fails to meet expectations, plastic surgery prevails. A Liposuction Brazilian Buttock Lift, or BBL, is a popular surgical procedure in which fat is harvested via liposuction (i.e. abdomen, love handles, and inner thighs) and injected into the buttocks/hips helps Beverly Hills patients to create an hourglass contour.

Performed under general anesthesia, the BBL is accompanied by significant downtime and extensive discomfort, meaning weeks of recovery.

The Non-Surgical Butt Enhancement Procedure

Nevertheless, the latest advances in medicine have provided a non-surgical buttock enhancement alternative. Using FDA-approved dermal fillers in office, you can have a non-surgical buttock enhancement by naturally lifting the butt, filling and contouring, guaranteeing you a better fit in your jeans. The treatment even uses local anesthesia, meaning minimal to no discomfort, and the ability to return home same day. The average treatment session lasts 60 minutes and results typically require 2-3 sittings; however, if you’re in the market for a larger rump, you may require additional sessions.

For the safest results, US-made dermal fillers are used, along with sterile technique. Pictures are also taken before and immediately after your non-surgical buttock enhancement injections augmentation to document and track the progress of our Beverly Hills patients results. Post-procedure, you will have little to care for at home, and simply resting on your derrière will suffice to spread and mold the filler for an admired result. Although you may notice that after the first day, most of the filler appears diminished, do not be discouraged. Over the next several weeks, change will slowly occur—as if it acquired from the gym! After 6 weeks, a follow-up will pursue to determine if more buttock enhancement injections are required to achieve your desired results.

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Maintain your youthful looks and keep aging at bay with the help of a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Nima Shemirani has performed over 6000 facial procedures in the heart of Beverly Hills. When it comes to your face, you deserve only the best. Schedule a consultation today to see if your desired procedure is right for you.

For more information, contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 772-2866 and schedule your complimentary butt enhancement consultation. If your schedule doesn’t allow for surgery or you lack the fat required for the BBL, the no scalpel, no anesthesia and no downtime non-surgical buttock augmentation is definitely the right choice for you!