Many patients long for the opportunity to improve their facial appearance and bring their noses into greater harmony with their surrounding features. However, some patients may be concerned when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery by the thought of broken bones and the subsequent recovery.

At Eos Rejuvenation, we want to reassure you that you do not have to have any bones broken to transform your facial appearance. We are proud to offer rhinoplasty procedures using the groundbreaking Piezo device (also known as Piezosurgery®). This device allows us to perform nose jobs more holistically, without the pain or trauma of broken bones.

In thinking about your options for rhinoplasty, we encourage you to speak with our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Nima Shemirani, about the benefits of the Piezo method.

What is Piezosurgery?

A rhinoplasty procedure means changing the shape or size of the nose, creating better proportions, and improving aesthetic appearance. While rhinoplasty techniques have advanced considerably over the last 100 years, many surgeons still use the same old methods, literally hammer-and-chiseling the bone to reset it.

The Piezosurgery technique allows Dr. Nima to gently cut and move bones using a special ultrasonic scalpel. This gentle procedure offers more precise results, less bruising, less swelling, and less need to cut away bone and tissue. In other words, Piezosurgery can provide full rhinoplasty results with a much smoother, swifter recovery time.

Am I a Good Candidate for Piezosurgery?

This rhinoplasty technique can be a good option for any nose job patient, including men and women who wish to subtly change the size or shape of their nose.

We recommend meeting with Dr. Nima for a consultation, allowing him to verify that you are a good candidate for a safe, successful rhinoplasty procedure. The best candidates:

  • Are in good overall physical health
  • Do not have any underlying conditions that would prevent them from proper healing
  • Have spoken with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and have realistic expectations about the procedure and the recovery

Recovery from Piezosurgery

Any time you have a rhinoplasty procedure performed, you can expect some temporary side effects. Bruising, swelling, and tenderness are all normal, as is nasal congestion. We typically recommend that patients take at least a week off from work and up to a month off from strenuous activity.

With Piezosurgery, the side effects associated with rhinoplasty are minimized. You may experience mild bruising and swelling, but most patients find that these side effects fade considerably within just a few days. For many patients, Piezosurgery expedites their recovery from rhinoplasty.

Speak with a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Piezosurgery is a revolution in rhinoplasty, making it easier and simpler than ever before to achieve the nose of your dreams. The best way to learn more about the procedure is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nima. Contact Eos Rejuvenation to schedule your appointment with us.