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At Eos Rejuvenation, we are passionate about providing exceptional surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic solutions. Dr. Nima’s family lineage is filled with generations of artists, and he has combined this natural, artistic ability with surgical talent. Dr. Nima Shemirani is patient and compassionate and invites you to join him as he artfully embraces your goals and desires. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Nima is ready to assist you in preserving, reconstructing and rejuvenating using the best cosmetic treatments and surgical technology available today.

Eos Rejuvenation is an expression of Dr. Nima’s philosophy. Eos is the name of the Greek goddess of dawn. Each client experiences a fresh start and a bright new day at our beautiful, modern facility. Rejuvenation is at the foundation of each procedure that we offer. We have a three-phase approach that is unique to plastic surgery: prepare, enhance and sustain. These three steps will provide you with clear steps to achieve and maintain amazing, life-changing and natural looking results.

Dr. Nima Shemirani – Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

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“I would love to hear your cosmetic goals and desires because I can help you make them a reality.” -Dr. Nima

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Dr. Nima Shemirani is a talented surgeon who combines medicine with art to produce amazing results. Each cosmetic surgery openly displays his skills as a master in his field. Dr. Nima ranked in the top 2 percent of his medical peers on RealSelf and was featured on the CBS television show, The Doctors. This show displays the newest and best that cosmetic surgery has an offer, and it was a great honor to be invited to share his expert opinion on this highly-esteemed platform. Dr. Nima frequently receives awards and accolades for his tremendous accomplishments, but his largest accomplishment is the gift of beauty that he offers his clients.

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