Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty – Saray P.

“I was extremely skeptical about getting rhinoplasty because I knew several people that did not have great results from other doctors. Although, Nima Shemirani had my full attention when he completely transformed my sisters nose (It looks amazingly great on her).

I had a deviated septum and my nose was slightly slanted. He straightened my nose and my breathing is wonderful now. He also picked up the tip because when I used to smile, it would just hang.

Aside from being talented in his work, he is genuine and very friendly. Makes you feel comfortable and always has a welcoming smile. He listens to you and treats you like a friend, which makes you feel completely comfortable.

Overall all the staff is wonderful.

If you are thinking about improving something, I can definitely vouch for his results living up to expectations.” – Saray P. (Yelp)