Dr. Shemirani – Nicholas G.

“Dr. Nima Shemirani is an extraordinarily gifted surgeon and a warm, caring doctor who genuinely invests in relationships with his patients. He approaches his patients, practice and life with a rare combination of excellence, tact and humility.

Perhaps what really separates Doctor Nima from the herd is that he is impeccably honest. While Dr. Shemirami’s practices in the cosmetic surgery epicenter of Southern California he is originally from the Midwest and conducts himself with a refreshing ethical and moral soundness that seems all but removed from so many LA doctors that are just out to make as much money as possible. He’s the type of doctor who often recommends less intrusive and even non-surgical courses if he believes it is in the patient’s best interest (anyone who’s had multiple cosmetic surgery consultations can attest to how rare this is).

By the same token, Dr. Shemirami is extremely skilled at his craft and his post-op patients sing his praises–his work speaks for itself and certainly merits perusal for anyone considering facial plastic surgery or dermatological procedures. Dr. Nima’s staff is also outstanding and truly consultative–making patients feel at ease from the time they set foot in the wait room for their first consultation all the way through the extensive and detail anticipated post op treatments and care plans.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with 100’s of cosmetic surgeons in my professional life and I can count Dr. Nima and a few others on one hand that would qualify as the best of the best and merit a recommendation to my mom, wife or sister, (or serendipitous yelper. )

Your search for the best face doctor in LA begins and ends here. #you’re welcome lucky readers.” – Nicholas G. (Yelp)