Injectables/Fillers – Goldberry M.

“I was referred to Dr. Shemirani through a friend of mine who has apparently sent him dozens and dozens of referrals. I can see why. I had a procedure done that was new to me and he took the time and effort to explain it in full detail. You can tell he is an absolute perfectionist and also took great time in getting it just right for me.

I’m a big baby when it comes to needles so when I got a little queazy his lovely office staff was there with chocolate (low blood sugar) and great conversation to help me get through it. Everyone at the office is very pleasant and friendly. Not always the case in a plastic surgeons office. Both Dr. Shemirani and his staff followed up with me in the following weeks which was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend him and i will be back for more treatments.

Oh and I have never waited on either of my visits to his office. Very impressive.”- Goldberry M. (Yelp)