Lip Enhancement – Leah B.

“Dr. Nima has a great eye for detail, and is quite skilled at achieving results that compliment the natural contours and symmetry of your face. He makes sure that you are educated about the procedure he will be performing, and is incredibly nice and approachable.

I opted for a Juvaderm lip-plump (it was my first time), and LOVE how he made my lips look more full and sexy without going anywhere near the dreaded ‘duck lips’.

The procedure took about 30 minutes, including the time it took to numb me up. Dr. Nima was very communicative, and asked me about my level of comfort throughout the process to ensure a painless experience.

After Dr. Nima helped me finally get the perfect-pout, he followed up via phone and e-mail to make sure I was doing well in the days following the procedure. I experienced very little discomfort after, and certainly wasn’t prevented from carrying on my regular schedule. (My lips were slightly swollen for several days, but truth be told, I kind of liked them like that too).

I am definitely going to visit Dr. N again and hope that he never moves his business away from BH.” – Leah B (Yelp)