Microdermabrasion – Lila S.

“As soon as you walk into this beautiful building you are greeted with warm and friendly smiles. The decor is beautiful, modern, and classic. When I walked into Dr. Shemirani’s office, I was welcomed by his office manager Neda, who was personable and helpful with any questions I had before my appointments. I was going in to get lip injections and my first facial, and Neda assured me that she gets the facials too, and she loves the way they have enhanced and brightened her skin. It was clear that the staff really looks out for the clients, by giving honest and genuine feedback.

Mercedeh, the Esthetician, did my facial and she did a fantastic job. It was incredibly relaxing, she was personable and funny, and she even plays your favorite Pandora Station. She’s not only good at what she does, but you can tell that she loves being around people because she naturally engages with her clients. And I never felt pressure to buy any products. She gave me honest feedback, and you could tell she really believes in the product. If you look at her skin, you can seel that the products do wonders and I too am very happy with them. My skin is much brighter, I get more compliments, and I use less foundation.

After my facial, I saw Dr. Shemirani to get my lips injected. I was so pleased with how kind and understanding he was. He listened to me patiently with any questions or concerns I had. He also assured me that these injections were going to look natural, which in turn would be more attractive. And when I saw my results, I was beyond happy! My lips were fuller, more enhanced, and they had that natural look that Dr. Shemirani promised. I’ve been buying different lipsticks and lip glosses, and I love the way they look on me! People keep mentioning that I look better, but they can’t quite figure out what’s different. And that was exactly what I was going for, and Dr. Shemirani definitely exceeded my expectations.

Overall, this clinic provided quality, honest, and natural work, while making their clients feel like family. If anyone is looking for injections, facials, and facial plastic surgery, I would definitely recommend this place! I know I will be back again in the future.” – Lila S (Yelp)