Non-surgical – Sad C.

“Dr Nima has the right combination of Artistry and Honesty. I’m an average looking dude who wanted to get rid of what I call ‘resting snarl/scowl face’. People often think I’m mad or unhappy, and to me, smiling only makes me look ‘snarlier’. So I picked 3 doctors from Realself, and met with each. 1 told me that he was the only doc in LA that could do what I needed. Doubtful. Another acted like a mystical magical celebrity artist. 3 “warm up” people before him, very high quote, several unnecessary add-on procedures. Dr Nima, on the other hand, made me feel comfortable immediately. He talked openly, took multiple pics, shared his ideas, revisited the pics, and came back with solid suggestions and options. I immediately booked it. And the results were beyond my expectations. Pretty much perfect, as good as I could hope for without major surgery. I was so happy, that at my check-up visit, I booked another unrelated procedure (neck fat reduction), and that also came out near perfect. In summary, here’s what we agreed on. Deep dark circles under eyes, plus sagging/drooping eyelids, produce the tired look. Permanent frown and scowl lines produce the angry look. He didn’t view the snarl line as much a problem as I do, but it just really bugs me. I was scared of doing the eyelid operation. So we did a long-lasting filler under the eyes (I’ll insert name when I find info), including using the cannula, a “softer” filler for the snarl lines, and botox for the scowl and frown lines. Bam. I look actually happy now. I can’t believe it. And most importantly, I SMILE NOW. I no longer hate my smile. The psychological benefits here cannot be understated. It’s a feedback loop. When you look in the mirror and actually like your smile, YOU SMILE MORE, which makes you happier. I’m smiling as write this. Because seriously. It’s a miracle. Even if no one else noticed my snarl. I did. I’ll be back to keep that snarl at bay and keep smiling for as long as I can. As for his approach, he took his time, started conservatively, and worked from many angles. I asked for countdowns when the needle was coming in, and he obliged. He plays cool music in the background, not muzak. Lots of creature comforts. And he didn’t overdo it, which is kind of important for an average male like me, one who’s not beautiful and fabulous, not an actor or model. Subtlety is important. And he achieved it. In LA, we sort of assume that the best cosmetic docs are in Beverly Hills, and perhaps they are. But there’s also a lot of smoke and mirrors to wade through in that world. What I like about Dr Nima’s practice is that you get the “Beverly hills experience” – beautiful office, beautiful staff, and everyone makes you feel special – but it’s also very grounded and down to earth. He is a true artist, without the hype and pressure. You get the best of both worlds.” – SadCantaloupe (Realself)