Revision Rhinoplasty – Gia

“Happy patient!!!!! Dr is the best doctor ever!!! he changed my life….. he made me this confident girl i am now he made my nose look really beautiful and natural I never felt this confidence in my life it feels really good feeling BEAUTIFUL with my new nose I am so happy and grateful with my results he has the most artistic hands Ever I have had two surgeries in the past years with a different doctor and both of them went wrong my nose was Still long the tip of my nose was still drop I felt so ugly and disappointed of my results I had so much low self esteem But everything changed and now Im so grateful and happy I made the best decision of my life of having my 3rd surgery With Dr Shemirani I can’t explain how happy I am and how confident I have become thanks to dr. Shemirani!!!!!!!! I really recommend him and he was super nice with me he had this confidence that made me feel so comfortable He made me so confident He made me feel good about myself so I took the chance and I took the risk to have my 3rd surgery with him and now I am the happiest patient!!!the service was the best and the People that work at his office They where so welcoming and nice!! I am so happy I did my surgery I can now wear a ponytail and wear glasses what can I say I have to show off my new nose Lol thank you again DR. SHEMIRANI =,) I really recommend him trust me if you were like me that didn’t like their nose you will have the experience that I am experiencing right now…… how happy I am now #happypatient Dr Nima Shemirani is the best! ***** you guys think that I might be over exaggerating Lol but I really am not I’m going to post a before and after picture I am just really happy with my results =,)” – Gia323 (Realself)