Rhinoplasty – Alyx C.

“What a wonderful office! From day one, they were friendly and attentive.

Dr. Shemirani listened to what I wanted, was patient and answered all my questions.

Neda was extremely helpful and accommodating.

Taylor and Monica were always the sweetest and lovely.

When it came to my actual surgery, I was nervous, but reassured because of such an amazing team. I knew they were the ones to do my nose because it was so important to me that I looked like me with a new, natural nose… They made sure that would happen.

Dr. Shemirani is an amazing surgeon. It took little time to recover and they provided wonderful instructions to heal. Now that I am 1 month out, I want to sing his name from the roof tops (figuratively). I love my new nose. It doesn’t look like a fake, manipulated nose. It looks like the one I should have been born with. I feel beautiful and enjoy the person I see in the mirror. It was a great decision and I am beyond satisfied. I am so happy I listened to the Dr. and chose someone as skilled to make my desire become a reality.” – Alyx C. (Yelp)