Rhinoplasty – Shar K.

” Dr. Nima fixed my nose and all I can say is it looks amazingly natural. No one can tell I got a nose job they just tell me I look better.

No one has made fun of me because of my “fake nose”.

And it did not hurt a bit. I took pain killers for 2 – 3 days and that was it.
U knew it was going to be so easy that i was not nervous at all before my surgery. my family were really nervous but I was not nervous at all.

I saw many other doctors before going to him and right when I went to him I knew I want him to be my doctor. He always follows up after anything you do with him, even if it is just a small injection. My mom also got her botox here recently and it looks great.

He is very nice and respectful and I’ve never seen any doctor like him (:” – Shar K. (Yelp)