Upper Eyelid – Hydrolysis

“I went to Dr Shemirani for help to correct a bad eyelid surgery that had made the incisions too high and uneven. after visiting a number of different doctors, all of whom I felt focus more on remuneration than actually helping, I found Dr. Nima on Realself. I decided to call his office because of all the great reviews about him. After visiting him for almost 2 years now – I can honestly say that reviews don’t lie. My first impression of Dr. Shemirani was that he was very empathetic and easy to talk to. He really spent the time trying to figure out the best and minimally invasive treatment that doesn’t disrupt my life – using Botox to even out the the incisions. The result was better than expected. I really thought that I would have had to go thru another 3 surgeries to have this corrected and as such – I really do think Dr Shemirani is an exceptional plastic surgeon. Not only was he able to clearly covey to me the technicality of his treatment (which shows that he is very professional and knowledgeable), he also has an acutely artistic eye which I think is a crucial attribute of a good plastic surgeon. You’d be surprised how many surgeons out there who would put themselves in the “cosmetic” category only know how to perform the surgery while lacking the artistic judgment. The technical and artistic balance is very rare. Since going to Dr. Shemirani I went from hiding at home to having a normal life and being able to work and socialize. He has been a real friend to me and I really can’t say enough good things about him and his staff and i would give way more than 5 stars!!” – hydrolysis (Realself)